eGG-one school and YellOwStaR present

Play in premade with YellOwStaR

Saturday May 17, 2014 from 14:00 to 16:00

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   Event full!

  • xPopeyz

    Solo Top

  • ZyLz


  • Shikyo

    AP Mid

  • SOSButters

    AD Carry

  • YellOwStaR



Get pro advice from a LCS player

YellOwStaR, support for Fnatic, offers you to be coached in live and play in premade with him and 3 others students in ranked games.

You will meet YellOwStaR p and ask him all your questions about your favorite champions. YellOwStar will do the in-game lead during the ranked,  giving advice to all and each student. A the end of the games, you will make an assement of your gaming skills and YellOwStaR will give you his tips to help you improve.

You get advice from one of the world best player and you understand how important teamwork is. You can rest assured that his coaching will be made in a very good atmoshphere with the french star. 


How it works

Software Required: League of Legends TeamSpeak 3 (with headset)
Required level: Bronze - Gold
Contact: A TeamSpeak channel will be given to students where they will find YellowStar and other players



Hi guys, looking forward to play together and give you the tools to improve your skills :)  YellOwStaR, Support from team Fnatic


Registered students

SOSButters, le May 10, 2014
Shikyo, le May 10, 2014
ZyLz, le May 10, 2014
Peusdo IG : MIL ZyLz Hate de pouvoir profiter pleinement de ce moment avec Yellow ainsi qu'avec mes 3 autres partenaires :)
xPopeyz, le May 13, 2014

Be warned before anybody of next YellOwStaR event?
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