58 heures données
Race Zerg
League Grand Master
Serveur Europe
Autres Dignitas, Experienced

“I am very experienced WCS player with very good game understanding!”

Hello I am Dignitas Tefel from Poland. I play StarCraft 2 for three years. My main race is zerg. I have simple, unique and efficient style. After HotS release I am still doing great. Recently I got many achievements like being top25 & top9 DH, top13 WCS. I also compete in many smaller tournaments like go4sc2, zotac.

You can find my results on Liqupedia, watch my games on and get to know about my currently plans on Facebook profile. I also update my schedule about currently events, tournaments and other StarCraft 2 activities.

My style is easy to learn and very powerfull vs every single early agression. I will show You how to advance to the much highier league in short period of time.

Déroulement du cours

Step 1 - The Preparation

Before every lesson I start from determine your skill level. I analyse few of your games to get a sense for your strengths and weaknesses so that I can quickly point out problem areas and offer solutions.

Step 2 - The begining

Once you’ve completed the survey explaining your skill level and goals, I’ll  develop a tentative plan for how the lesson will go and run it by you.
I'll show You many basic mistakes which every player makes. We will talk about game and system configuration, hotkeys and other things necessary to play the game. You are welcome to offer suggestions on how we spend our time together, and we’ll work to take advantage of your strong areas and develop your weak areas.

Step 3 - The game

I will find for You the players who are one or two league above yours for every single race. You will be able to train every match-up and I am sure it will be challange for You. I have many friends in every StarCraft 2 league so don't afraid that I'll not find players suits your skill. During the games I will tell You what is the most important case to defend every single agression, to get good late-game situation and win the game. I'll try to explain all Your mistakes and give you advices.
After the game, we’ll discuss which areas and mechanics are the most important for you to focus on.

Step 4 - The road to success

After every lesson I send to You some of my games connected with your playstyle. I am sure it will be helpful for You to make step further to improve your skills.


  • ZOTAC Monthly Final April 2013
  • Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai Qualifiers Europe
  • ESL Pro Series Poland Season V
  • ESL Pro Series Poland Season IV
  • Go4SC2 November Grand Finals
  • 2012 MLG Spring Qualifiers Europe
  • Gamers Assembly 2012: Medion All Star Trophy

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