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For additional questions feel free to reach out to me either through the site or through Discord! (OgreMagi#7923) 

As I'm doing the vast majority of my work on other platforms please understand that the calendar below is always inaccurate- in order to make sure the time you'd like works please message me prior, or simply schedule at a random date and we'll move it afterwards! Thank you for understanding!

Who is coaching for?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting coaching. You might be stuck in what you perceive to be elo hell, you might want to acquire some very specific knowledge related to your beloved champion or lane, or you might want to try coaching just because you've entertained the thought for a while and you can't think of a very good reason why you wouldn't want to make the leap. The only thing mutual in all these situations and the most important part of the entire equation is the fact that you want to become a better, more successful player who's conscious about making the optimal gameplay decisions rather than just instinctively smashing whatever keys QWER happens to be bound to. Your hobby turns out to be extremely competitive and you sank and continue to sink tens, hundreds, potentially thousands of hours into it- why not become good at it with the help of an expert's guiding hand?

Who are you?
A med student and an avid solo queue generalist who has achieved Challenger tier on multiple accounts, during multiple seasons. I'll be able to help you with every single role and champion in the game, I'm an experienced personal coach (over 2100 hours taught over varying platforms) with a wide array of methods to teach you what I know and what you need to know, be it the fundamentals or more complex concepts- we'll patch those leaks in!
Feel free to contact me and inquire about further details through the site or Discord!

If you have other requests in regards to the method of coaching I can also accomodate to that. I'm also available for coaching your team if you feel like you're serious enough to step into this direction. Inquire about your specific needs and wants freely!

I'd like a lesson, what now?

When reserving a lesson please tell me a few sentences about yourself and your experience with the game, current(/previous) rank and role.
I'm quite flexible and while I do prefer if I'm given time to prepare, always ask, I'm sure I can make things work with a fairly short notice. Depending on my schedule (I coach on multiple platforms so the site's calendar is practically guaranteed to be inaccurate) we might be able to start straight away!
Before the lessons please be prepared with at least a single replay of a match from the current patch for every hour of coaching. Don't be intimidated by the need to record the games, you can simply download the .rofl files of the match through the League client and if you send those over for me I'll be able to open them on my end. The process is extremely simple and I'll guide you all the way through it!
Please make sure to be online at the time of the lesson, preferably at least 5 minutes in advance. If something does happen and you can't make it don't worry, I understand that life sometimes gets in the way and I'll guarantee that we can reschedule and you won't lose the lesson- even if you don't give me a heads up prior to that. 
Please do make sure you have Discord installed and ready to go before the lesson.
A microphone isn't required and even though it does greatly help, we can make it work through you typing just fine.

Contact me if you're willing to take the first steps to improvement, I'll be happy to have a chat and address all your questions and concerns!

Hope to work with you soon! :)



Déroulement du cours

The Session
Our first session will be spent on identifying the problems utilising replays from your games, Discord's screenshare function, and in some cases on relevant lanes 1v1 sparring in customs. From here, we form a plan on how to improve and avoid the mistakes and roadblocks that hold you back. Just like the first, the subsequent lessons are going to be highly tailored to you.  The lesson also doesn't end when it seems like it does, I'll still be around for you after it on Discord ready to answer your questions whenever they arise to fit your specific needs!

What we'll be focusing on (among many others)
Champion analysis: Mechanics, Synergies, Counterpicks

Micro play: Positioning, farming, skill timing and cooldown control, etc.

Macro: Timer control, wave management, vision control, game phases, objectives, etc.

Psychology: climbing mentality, discipline, tilt management, etc.

Optimization: Runes, masteries, items

And many more!

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