“Let's make your ranked goals a reality!”

Hi, I am Asobi :] - Multiple other accounts in diamond on NA, proven to know how to climb the ranks! I do not play ranked on LAN because it is a lot easier to there due to the lack of competition. But I can still coach on there!

I'm here to coach you in various aspects of the game so that you can achieve the ranks you want to with your favourite champions. I started MOBAs when I was young, starting with Dota and was immediately hooked since. When Heroes of Newerth came out I achieved a peak MMR of 2000 and won many tournaments!

I started playing League of Legends seriously at season 2 and achieved diamond after months of learning the meta/champions/rotations. After that, I have been diamond every season (thank god). I have a lot of experience teaching/coaching even since HoN as I helped teach people in beginner channels.

I have a very good understanding of the game and my strongest asset is my game sense and strategic mind. I will be able to teach you various strategies and help improve your rotations ingame. I can also help you with laning, cs, any mechanics you like, anything you want I can teach! So let's get started ?

Déroulement du cours

Before we get started on anything, we will get on skype and make clear exactly what we want to accomplish with the time we have together, and what you would like to learn from this.

Things you can expect to learn include:



Advanced strategies




Solo Queue  





Once we have established that, we'll either start off with a 1v1 custom game to see your basic mechanics of if you're a returning mentee we can jump straight into the lesson! 

We'll be doing one of 4 things, depending on which method is best suited to help you understand what I need to teach you. (You can always tell me exactly what you want :])

1) Duo Queue

2) Replay Analysis

3) Spectate me in a solo/duo queue game

4) Question/Answer


  • Victorious Gaming Tournament
  • CLC Solo Queue tournament
  • Challenger S4
  • University LoL club tournament
  • ESN - CLC premade open tournament
  • Go4lol
  • Alienware Arena
  • TTesports Challenge
  • Kingston HoNers Invitational 2
  • Kingston HoNers Invitational 1

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