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Poste Solo Top, Jungler, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
League Challenger
Server EUW, EUNE, NA, TR

“Challenger every single season. Playing multiple roles at the highest elo.”

Please contact me first to find a suitable time.

Discord: wrath#9798

About me:

Im playing League since it was released and was Challenger every single season (Top 50 before Challenger was introduced).
My highest in season 5 was top 50 with 770Lp. I mained a different role each season and many different champions so i can help u with every role/champion.
My biggest accomplishments in team play are: EPS Finals in Cologne, WCG Finals in Shanghai. That means i can also coach ur team if u are interested.
I will help u improve ur gameplay as fast as possible and find the mistakes u should avoid in the future.
I allready coached over 100 different players (and some teams) and every single one of them improved afterwards. Here are a couple of comments about my coaching:

" Great coach listened to all the questions I had, helped me improve my builds and map awareness among lots of other things highly recommend!!! "

" Very friendly coach. he has a lot of indepth knowledge. Thanks! "

" Honestly a great coach, helped me with my map awareness, objective control, builds and jungle pathing. Knows a lot about the game and explained everything in detail and well enough for even me to understand. Will be making this a weekly occurrence. "


*recommended* Soloqueue package 75€:

I will make sure u climb and improve. I am going to teach u the strategies that made me climb to challenger every season. In the first session i teach u everything u need to know. Then u train that and keep me updated/ask me any follow up questions. Once u feel u can apply the things i told u, we meet for the second session and find the last mistakes that might still be in ur gameplay. This method worked really well in the past.


Duo queue coaching 9€/game:

In this coaching session we will duoq on a smurf of mine. Here is a list of things we will be doing:

- I will show u how to close out games when ahead.

- What to do when u are behind. What to do at each stage of the game.

- Generally how to win as fast as possible and as safely as possible.

- I will correct every mistake u do and discuss the games afterwards.

- We will both tryhard since only then u see where u are truly lacking.

In-Depth Coaching 25€/hour:

In this coaching session we will find out how we can improve ur gameplay and what kind of playstyle suits u.
Here is a list of things we will do to find out how to improve u depending on how much time we have:

- Analyzing ur Champion pool and improving ur pick and ban phase according to ur strengths

- Analyzing ur Runes and Masteries to give u the best possible start

- Improving ur item builds and build orders

- Teaching u decision making and what to do at every point of the game

- Answering any questions regarding the game

- Watching replays/live games of u and telling u ways to improve/mistakes to avoid

- Playing duoqueue ranked games together to see what u do ingame and to show u what i do at every situation

- 1v1 to analyze ur mechanical play and early laning phase

- I will also ask u questions to make sure u not only understand what to do but also why u do those things

- Talking about the required mindset for Soloqueue and strategies to avoid huge down swings / tilting


- Determination to improve

- Discord or similar screenshare program

- Paypal


Discord: wrath#9798

Feel free to contact me if u have any questions.

Best regards, Wrath


  • Challenger every single season
  • WCG Finals Shanghai
  • EPS Finals Germany

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