“Contact me on Skype for questions, klaas.eielts”


I'm Yurka and i'm 26 years old and live in the Netherlands.

I played Hearthstone since the late beta, beside playing Hearhstone i focesed more on league of legends and achieved the rank Diamond 2, but i decided it was time to focus more on Hearthstone and ever since i focused on Hearthstone i kept getting the Legend Rank every season i played and also played in severals cups.
I even won the early ESL Beta cup, and made servals tops in zotac,esl cups

I have a background in card games so the switch to Hearthstone was very natural for me
I know it can be hard to compete if you dont have cards, im here to help you in arena or in constructed, I unlocked most of the cards with arena.

I'm here  to help reach your desired goals,Ranks and having a nice time doing it if you have any questions dont hesitate and contact me.
I even make guides to help people laddering and some of them even reached the legend rank just by using the deck I made and told them what to expect on ladder and how to play the deck.



Hit my first legend with this deck. Imbalanced deck, I had huge winstreaks. Thanks a lot !!
I run -1 tinkertown +1 Power overwhelming
Went from rank 5 to legend with no problems. 90% winrate against handlock!

You can find my guide here

I´m looking forward to coach you we can even stream it if you want!

Déroulement du cours

I'll explain the current meta whats strong and what's not and help you with the following things

- Reading your enemy

- Deck Review 

- Whats hot & not in current meta

- Play by Play

- Risk/Reward plays

- Most optimal play per turn(mana curve)

- Q&A about anything you want


  • ZOTAC Hearthstone EU Cup #45
  • ESL Heroes of Warcraft 1on1 Monday Draft Cup #5

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