“Complete coaching from a top 800 in the world”

Hi :) My name is Dennis and I am 20 years old. After recently finishing the semester in my university, I though it would be a nice experience to coach and help people willing to improve in cs throughout my  break. I love sharing my knowledge of the game with others, I have been doing that in teams for the past few years.

I have been playing csgo for more than 6 years. I have 7.8k hours in csgo and around 1k in previous versions of the game. I have been an active player in teams for the past few years, I competed in 8seasons of the Esea League (right now I am in the esea Advanced Division ). All of that time I was the first or second In-game leader, one of my main tasks was helping and tutoring my teammates. I enjoyed helping others, therefore I think I would do a great job here.

Teamwise, I played and won against teams like Fragsters, Extatus, Bpro, Codewise Unicorns, Nemiga, DefuseKids, GamerLegion + we are practicing daily against other top100 teams.  Last year I reached a 20k Lan qualifier final that was featured on and I also played the playoffs for the Esea Advanced league and many local LAN tournaments.

Individually, I am fluctuating between 3k-3.4k elo on the Faceit platform in and I am a Rank G player on ESEA.

Who would benefit the most from my help?

Anyone from players that are just starting out and people getting into their first teams or league experiences, to veterans willing to expand their knowledge and get their game to the next level.

What can I teach you ?

It all depends on how experienced you are and whether you have a clear goal of what you would want to work on. Cs is an extreamly complex game, which is what makes it so competetive and fun to play and watch. I can work with players of any skill level on every aspect of the game. Mechanics, decision making, utility usage, positioning, in-game reactions, teamplay, practice routines.

On our first meeting we would have a quick chat so I can figure out what your current knowledge of the game is. You would tell me why you chose to get the help of a coach, what your goals in the game are and what are you struggling with the most.

Depending on our talk, we could take many different approaches. We could work together on a general level; I would show you what makes a good player, how you should think in-game to have a better understanding of what is happening, how you can fix your mistakes, beat your opponets and improve faster. We could also talk specifically about certain maps, utility usage, situations, plays, strats or specific demos.

I speak English, Polish and Bulgarian fluenlty, therefore I welcome any player speaking those 3 languages to use my services. I hope it will be just as fun of an experience for you, as it would be for me :)

My links:

Déroulement du cours

First coaching session?

We will have a conversation about your current knowledge of the game, your goals and in-game struggles before the session begins.

Later on, my offer includes: one-on-one sessions in an offline server, playing games together, reviewing demos, displaying practice methods, talking about specific aspects of the game


  • Esea S29 Main Playoffs
  • CEVO Amateur S10
  • Geeks Gone Wild 24 Europe Qualifier

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