“2.2 CR Legion is here ! We change everythings !”

My name is Ludovic, I'm currently in Paris for my studies. I am passionate by video games and downhill.

I play WoW since 10 years, I have a good PvE experience (top 1000) & PvP (Rbgs, arenas). I possess every single classes in game except warrrior. It allows me to have a very good knowledge about classes.

I am also one of the first French coach from this site. Many breaks have been done. I am also coach on other websites French or English. I have more than 200 hours of coaching.

Come discover my courses in which we will work on :

- Gameplay

- Interface

- Macros


 More :

  • Questions about leveling, classes in general
  • Questions about how work legion and PvP
  • I can adapt the courses on demand

Typical Lesson Plan

For legion I have changed many things for you !

During my coaching hours I notice that many persons doesn't have basic knowledge in WoW. Here is the new course I made for you !

Don't forget to download a vocal chat before your lessons (skype, TS, discord or whatever I'll adapt).


Phase 1 : Basics

Before progressing at highest level, you need to review your basic knowledge because most of them are missing or incomplet. Here are the points we will work on :

1)      Interface

We will optimise your gaming parameters.

2)       Macros creation

Most of the time macros are missing or under-used. They are here to decrease your reaction time and improve your gameplay (simplify it !). In arena reaction, time and prevention are your best friends !

We will create macros for your characters !

3)       Addons

I use only few addons, but some are mandatory to have a clear interface and precious informations for your arenas !

4)       Keybindings

Last point but not least, your keybinndings. Having ergonomic use of your keybord / binding / hand position. The position of your spells on your keyboard is very important and allow you to gain reaction time !

« What is the goal ? Simple example, I'm pretty sure you already face a paladin or mage that died without using bubulle or Ice bloc. »


Well but when we play ?


Phase 2 : Gameplay

1)       Know your character

What are my strengths and weaknesses ? Which trait I should use in which situation ?

Questions that are not easy to answer, but crucial to improv.

2)       Positionning in arena

Your positionning depend on the job you're doing (healer / dps). But in every cases, you have to optimise it (temporise damages, loosing crowd control such as fear / sheep/ clone).

3)       Using CDs

One again, the use of your CDs are very situationnelle, but we will optimised them not to be out of CDs after 30 seconds of fight.


How communicate ?

« Admit! I know that you already felt from the bridge in Blade's Edge and one of your mate died because of that... I skid Chief ! »


Phase 3 : Communication

Communication is the key in WoW PvP. If you wanted increase your rating, don't be so shy ! Do not hesitate to speak, announce everything that you find important. Take care not to over flood your mates, they will be upset of informations.

I will teach you how to communicate well.

If possible I will invite you during one of me session to show you the team communication.


Well and after we are dropin the pit ?


Phase 4 : After the course

And after the course ?


I'll stay available to watch your progress, and answering your questions.

Progress is not only TRYHARDING. Don't forget to watch streams on twitch. Pro players are streaming regularly (in english for most of them, even if you don't understand everything, don't give-up and watch carefully what they are doing !) it's a really good improvment and brain wave.

I am often streaming (most of the time in french) : https://www.twitch.tv/cholahan

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions on Twitter or Follow me to know when I stream : https://twitter.com/TwDragonce

You can also check out my youtube videos : https://www.youtube.com/user/Dragonce77

List of Achievements

  • PvE TOP 1000
  • Leader RBG HL
  • Arena player HL (Heal)
  • One of the very first french coach from the website

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