Why take a video game lesson?

Everything can be taught and learned, even gaming.

Unblock yourself thanks to expert advice

Has progress ground to a halt? Do you feel like you're stuck? With competitive games it often happens that you feel your progress slowing up.

Thanks to the lessons on eGG-one school, you can gain advice personalized for your game. By spending time with an expert, you will jump from level to level much more easily!

Make much faster progress

Owing to a busy schedule many amongst you don't have to time to play a lot. Making progress on your own in a competitive game is possible, but that requires a lot of time and willpower.

A specialized coach will spot your errors straight away. As our coaches say, one hour of coaching equals 20 hours of playing solo!

Anybody can take lessons

Whatever the player's level, there are things to learn about strategy, the game's mechanics or even training methods.

The coaches can adapt to the student's level and give personalized advice. That's the key advantage of one-to-one lessons!

Discover the depth of your game

It's by getting to know your game better than you can get the most out of it. The eGG-one school coaches are all experts in their game. By taking lessons with them, you will discover the entire depth and complexity of your favorite game.

Make your gaming experience even more interesting!