The eGG-one school team

Jérémy Cahen
Jérémy CahenCEO and Co-founder

After his studies at engineering college and a master in entrepreneurship at HEC, Jérémy worked for a year and a half in a telecommunications consultancy firm. Then, enticed by the excitement of entrepreneurship, he quickly decided to start some different projects such as the programming of management software for a jet manufacturing firm. A former Starcraft enthusiast, having notably organized tournaments in the Skoolarena networking hall in Paris and always in contact with his friends from high-school, he naturally threw himself into the eGG-one school adventure when the opportunity arose in summer 2011.

aurent Mizrahi
Laurent MizrahiProduct Manager and Co-founder

Laurent is an entrepreneur cum scriptwriter cum engineer who's difficult to categorize. He is constantly riddled with ideas that he loves testing on the website's current and future clients, making him a passionate product manager. During his TV scriptwriting years (Plus Belle la Vie, Thalassa, Arte, Voyages...) he retained his taste for experimenting, but also the need to always remain in contact with the public. The eGG-one school website is like his playground, and his three schoolmates and co-founders are always there to bring him back down to earth when his head gets stuck in the clouds.

Vincent Ngo Van
Vincent Ngo VanMarketing Manager and Co-founder

After his studies in electronics, Vincent worked as an army engineer for a few years. His love of electronic sport gave him the desire to create a video games tournament start-up before becoming part of the eGG-one school adventure. Today he is passionate about marketing as well as his completely abstract and illegible figures.

Saïsana Souvanlasy
Saïsana SouvanlasyTechnical Manager and Co-founder

Having met Vincent at school, he allowed himself to be dragged into his passion for strategy games at Blizzard: Starcraft Broodwar, Warcraft3, DOTA, Starcraft2. After his first three years at Oracle spent as an engineer, Saïsana decided to give it all up to try an entrepreneurial adventure, throwing himself into the deep end at eGG-one school.

What is the eGG-one brand?

eGG-one started in the eSportif center in September 2010 for the organization of the eOSL Winter 10, a competition bringing together the 16 best Starcraft 2 players. This competition, designed to be broadcast like a TV program, was largely enjoyed by its spectators. Within a year, the team had made inroads, notably with new eOSL seasons, the Stand Razer animation at the Paris Games Week or the launch of a talk-show called 100%SC2 where various guest discussed the news on Blizzard games.

How did we meet?

Jeremy (Patatouf) knew Vincent (KroK) and Laurent (aspeak) ever since high-school. They spent long hours playing Starcraft 1 together, and their friendship has lasted until the present day. It was during one of their trips out together that the idea for eGG-one school was first conceived. Jérémy, an experienced engineer in programming would code an easy to use tool both for coaches and students, a perfect platform for making coaching popular. EGG-one school, the structure created by Kro, aspeak, sitthya and Saisana, would use its image and its contacts to consolidate this project and get it known in the community.