“AWAY DURING DECEMBER Terran Aggression. Fresh, intense, exciting.”


I'm Dylan and I play on the NA ladder as Kitten. My approach to StarCraft II is unorthodox - I've got an all out all in 'go for the throat' mentality. My sole focus, and speciality, is ending the game in under 15:00 as Terran. While this may put me at odds with people trying to play their own game, I take a very sick pleasure in making each game strictly on my terms. I've played the game since it was released, always trying to master one specific style. I first achieved master league while using only marines and SCVs - in macro games, and since then I've settled on very aggressive one and two base allins. I really want help others use aggression to keep the game intense and exciting.

In real life, I'm a rural Canadian living near the west coast. I work from home on C++ and .NET projects. I'm a workaholic coder and still find a way to spend even more time playing StarCraft.

For more information, feel free to contact me on Skype: greyscail

Typical Lesson Plan

Unless requested, I would like to break each hour up into an individual session. Each session is an 'hour', and has three steps:

1. Pre-lesson: To best help you improve, I need to have some examples of your play and your goals. For first timers, this includes sending me a replay of you in action as well as filling out a brief form that tells me a bit about yourself and where you want to go. For every session afterwards, I'll just need any relevant replays or requests. This allows me to put together a personalized plan for you.

2. I'll start by providing you my written analysis of the replay from Step 1, as well as a build order sheet and any other necessary tools. For beginners, I have a private YouTube video series for you to watch prior to the hands on gameplay to best prepare you. Next, we spend an hour in the game with Skype and quickly go over the replay from Step 1 before jumping into practice games, either alone, against someone, or against me. Unless specially requested, we'll work on a build order while increasing your game sense and knowledge. At the end, we can optionally go into a unit tester to practice micro techniques.

3. After the hour is complete, I'll provide another sheet that includes practice goals and benchmarks, as well as any relevant support replays or VODs I have. From the games you produce after our hour together, we can potentially set up the next hour and continually refine your knowledge and skills until you reach your goals. I'll be available to answer simple questions through Skype while you play to make sure you get the most out of our time together.

Aggressive play is quite fruitful and fans of this approach to the game can improve their rankings quite fast, and the skills learned are easily transferable to more standard or greedy styles. This is a great place to start for new players and I'll look forward to meeting you.

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