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Others Macro Protoss, Harassment, Patience

“STRONG! <3”


 My name is Aleksander "Sandro" Pisarek. I'm a Protoss top master lvl player from Poland (normally around 5.4-5.5k mmr on EU) practising hard to improve and get regular and solid GrandMaster rank. 


 I'm a manager of a semi-pro team in Iron Chain eSports. I have huge experience in clan managing and coaching people too. I helped many players throughout my SC2 career, which started in 2014. I took 1.5 year of break at the end of HOTS, came back in march 2017 to LOTV. 

 As a player I'm a macro-oriented Protoss using many strategies, i always focus on being the agressive side in the game, having many successful harassment strategies and agressive openings in every match up which i can teach you. I also feel very confident as a reactive player, who can deal with a situation of being put behind. 

 If you want to improve at the game mechanically i can also help you. If you want to learn more about the game, strategies, reactions and stuff -> i will also do my best to help you. I promise you won't regret it. 


  I'm also experienced in analysing, I can prepare you for your tournament opponents if you're going to play in any. 

Typical Lesson Plan

 Lesson plan is depending on what is the main thing you want to improve at. When you get my coaching, we'll schedule it for a correct time when both of us are fully able to do it. Before we start our coaching sessions I'll prepare some stuff to help you learn better. 


I stream sometimes, lately more often. Always focused 1v1 practise with commentary.

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