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League Grand Master
Serveur Americas
Others Grandmaster, NA

“Top 100 grandmaster NA Protoss with coaching experience in many different domains.”

I am a Top 100 Grandmaster Protoss. I've played Starcraft II since the beginning, and I've competed in multiple tournaments, including MLG. In tournaments and on NA ladder I have defeated players such as iNcontroL, LiquidSheth, Goswer, and many other top tier Grandmasters. I am currently a college student studying computer science at Middlebury College in VT. I have had various coaching and teaching jobs over the last three years, all of which contribute to my coaching in Starcraft II.

I am a strong macro player, and while I do mix in cheese on occasion, I believe that the best way to improve in Starcraft II is to hone your macro play. This mentality carries over to my coaching, as I try to work on making students holistically better at the game, rather than teaching them particual cheese builds that are trending.

Typical Lesson Plan

In my experience, leaving lessons open to whatever students wish to improve at works best. I am a macro player, and so I am mostly a macro coach. I do not believe that learning particular cheeses improves one's ability at the game. Rather, learning proper openers, unit compositions, multitasking, counters, hotkeys and scouting is what makes a player good.

I think that replay analysis and practice with particular techniques are approaches that work very well. I suggest that students download a streaming software (such as Open Broadcaster Software) so that I can guide them through ladder games to apply some of what we have learned to real games. 

List of Achievements

  • Competed in MLG Winter 2012
  • Beat Goswser, iNcontroL, sWs, LiquidSheth, Destiny
  • Qualified for NA Grandmasters mid-season 2014

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