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Hello! My name's acarigrey, and I'm a 4.4k peak Flex DPS in EU. My main heroes are Genji, Pharah, Hanzo, Soldier76, and Zarya. In Overwatch, I've played in the T2 team Megan's Foxhounds, and I have countless hours in T3 teams all across my career.

Outside of Overwatch, I'm a Creative Producer for a video game publisher, where I work with developers and provide feedback on meta, balancing, art direction, and marketing. I started competing in CS 1.4 when I was very young, and learned how to play projectile weapons while playing for the Fakkel Brigade in the ETF2L. I also won numerous fighting game tournaments in the Philippines across multiple games before moving back to the EU to play Overwatch.

I've come onto this website to help people improve their game sense, their mechanics, and to develop their love for their game.

What I can provide for you are multi-disciplinary insights and approaches to your gameplay, taking into account my experience in the game development (e.g. map design, awareness), fighting games (e.g. yomi, execution barriers), and playing competitive shooters at a high level for over 15 years.

Typical Lesson Plan

A typical lesson plan would be to first determine your long term goals. These long term goals will then be broken down to short term, more achievable objectives.

Afterwards, I will give you an analysis of one of the VODs you will provide where we will determine your common mistakes, your strengths, and areas where you can improve.

Depending on multiple factors, the end of the lesson will involve one or more of the following:

  • If mechanical skills need work, daily drills and the tools to work on them will be provided
  • If you have difficulty with hero metagame and team compositions, we will discuss metagame and counterpicking
  • If positional errors are common, then a map talk and analysis would follow the review

Overall, the typical lesson plan should always contain a VOD review. The rest of the lesson is tailored just for you!

List of Achievements

  • 4.4k Peak Flex DPS
  • Numerous Top 8 ESL Finishes
  • ESGS 2014 Injustice:GUA
  • ESGS 2014 Project M

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