“Solo/Team Coach - Analyst - Mental - VOD - Stream”

Hi all, my name is Gabriele aka "ERTENGUand I'm from Rome, Italy.. Always playing video games since I was a child. Nowadays I discovered this big world called "Esports".After my long journey in competitive matches/tournaments on Halo 3 (European tournament and solo/duo/squad ladder grinding), Halo Reach (various tournament), Gears of War and Call of Duty (competitive matches and Italian tournaments), I decided to move to Overwatch and I fall in love with it.

Started from day 1 placing myself platinum rank I decided to move directly to team play other than ranked match forming 2 teams and playing in a total of 5 teams. My main role is a DPS/Flex, but I play every hero.
During my full year and a 1/2 experience, I studied the game, and become also a shot-caller - strat builder - team motivator and friend even in IRL whit my teammates. Actually, I'm dedicating myself to competitive matches grinding the ladder. I started streaming too in Italian/English playing Overwatch and PUBG the most.

These are my links: https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/global/ERTENGU-2222



I can teach you :

- How to become positive (PMA) and don't tilt.
- How to play all the different heroes in Overwatch.
- How to improve your aim, going through all the components of the configuration of your mouse etc.
- How to improve your team play and communicate better, also shot calling, positioning calling etc.
- How to take advantage of maps and the counteplay in every section of them.
- How to use ultimates and abilities to your best advantage doing the economy of them.

Thank you for your time, sincerely Gabriele.

Typical Lesson Plan

You will explain to me what's your wish to improve in Overwatch, and I will go directly to it using the method that suits you the most. First I will analyze the way you play and the peripherals you actually use, second, we will analyze and correct your mistakes and then we go to the final adjustments.

We will succeed in go through important things like how to train aiming, positioning, and mindset.

I can also show you in live stream how to play a hero, and i can spectate you for real-time advice in quick play/custom matches or you can send me a VOD and we will work on it.

List of Achievements

  • Mindset and game knowledge.
  • Correct the mistakes to make you improve faster.
  • Improve aim, positioning, gamesense.


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