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“playing Ow since S3, current SR 3600/ flexible in heroes / top 340 Mercy”

Hey my name is Illy and I'm 18 years old. I'm living in Germany and currently finishing my last grade of school. I started playing video- especially shooter games at age 10. I used to play on my brothers PC Overwatch when it was on the beta version because since then I haven't had an own computer except of my ancient Laptop which couldn't even run Minecraft smoothly lmao. So here we go I got my first PC Setup end of december 2016. I played Overwatch since S3 constantly 6h a day. I reached Master S5 and I'm thinking of going further if I'm finally able to upgrade my Motherboard, CPU and my Display to get an higher rate of FPS. 

So thats why I actually wanna get into coaching.

I know it sounds almost impossible to reach a certain amount of money just by doing this. I'd love you guys to help me out as much as possible and in exchange of that I'll help you getting better in OW. You'll see a fast improvement I promise ♥

Typical Lesson Plan

First of all the introduction. I'd like to know with who I'm actually interacting with so I can adapt myself with the person to get in a more enjoyable/comfortable atmosphere.

2. Basic Q/A

3. Spectating a few Quickplay games to get a better summary of the player. 

4. Making an analysis of your strong and weak points.

5. Both of us are going to talk about your most weakness parts 

6. Afterswards spectating again and give you a few advices  to let you feel more confident

7. In the end I'll try to help you abit more whilst in a private match.

8. Smalltalk about your best experiences etc.

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