“EU High Master Support/DPS Player (3900 Career High). Can speak German and English”

Rank: High Master Roles: Support + DPS Age: 24 Nationality:European

I've been playing Overwatch since the open Beta and started out as Console Player on Xbox One. On August 2016 I've switched to PC and got placed Platinum at the start. I've put in a lot of work, dedication and practice to be where I am now: A high Master Player in Overwatch. So I can tell you, no matter what rank you are at, at this very moment, you can reatch the top Ranks with the right training and practice. I'm not with a Team right now and play SoloQ most of the time + I'm experienced with all Heroes.

With my amount of experience I know what makes a good player, Whether you want to go pro or gain that little bit of Extra SR to climb the ladder I'm here to help.

My Qualities

  •  Positioning
  •  constructive criticism
  •  Friendly atmosphere
  •  Staying Meta
  •  Keeping you motivated
  •  Setting goals for success

Typical Lesson Plan

1. Introduction/Questions about personal Goals and expectations/Which Hero/Heroes you want to imrprove with.

2. After point 1, I will add you in Battle Net and spectate you while playing a Quickplay Match to get first Impressions and take notes what are the strenghtes and weaknesses of the student, so I can get a quick overview what have to be improved and set some goals for success.

3. After 1 or 2 Quick Matches, we will go through every note I've made. I will give you detailed Informations on what I have noticed and what you can do to improve. If necessary and possible I will ask if you could spectate me playing a Quick Match so I can show you what you can do differently or which mistakes you did make during your games.

4. After we have finished all 3 points above, we will go in a competetive Game (if Streaming is possible) so I can watch and analyze your gameplay after my corrections and take some notes again. I will also try to give you live advice during your game.

5. At this point I will give you some more advices what you can do to improve, go in a custom game, teach you some specific moves, tactics or show you some examples with professional VOD's.

At the end of our session I will go through everything I have noticed, give you more tips on how you can improve and set some Goals for the future.

List of Achievements

  • High Master Player

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