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“Experienced top EU FPS Player (Speak EN FR & ES)”

I have been playing FPS games since 1999 at very high level.

I was a top EU player in Unreal Tournament 99, 2k3, 2k4, UT3... I played mainly instagib (instant one hit = kill) which requires a lot of aiming and movement. I was team France captain in Clanbase and I led my teams to victory in several cups too. I created an international team which was first of the ladder with 30 wins and 0 loss. Here are the links, my name was KiLLeR back then :

Actually, I'm lvl 900 (Master rank 3.8k in ranked) in Overwatch and it's time that I share my experience.

You can check my stats here :

I can teach you :

How to play all the different heroes in Overwatch. (My heroes are ranked top 99% for most of them in Overbuff)

How to improve your aim, going through all the components of configuration of your mouse and screen.

How to solidify your teamplay and communicate better.

How to take advantage of maps geometrics in order to have a stronger impact in game. 

How to read and take profit of statistics to improve your gameplay.

How to use ultimates and abilities to your best advantage.

I wish you success and I hope you'll enjoy having lessons with me :)

See ya !


Typical Lesson Plan

You will explain to me what's your wish to improve in Overwatch, and I will go directly to the point by first checking your statistics with the heroes you wish to improve. In 1h we can already go through important things like how to train aiming and how to configure correctly your mouse and settings.

I can show you in live stream how to play a hero, and i can spectate you for real time advices.

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