“NA Top 500 Grandmaster Fill in overwatch. Top 1% in the world. Experienced coach”

Hello, my name is Sydney 'Miracle'. I'm a 20 year old student from the Pacific northwest region of the United States. I'm a master level support player in overwatch but I'm profiecient and can coach all roles. I hover around the high master, low Grandmaster range and pride myself in my dedication that I have for the game and the desire to help people improve at all costs. On top of being a dedicated player, I am also a coach for MMOCoach.com, Xsolla academy and have plenty of experience coaching from there so I can garentee you that you will be getting top training. 

When I was first ranked in overwatch, I started out in gold and worked my way up to master on my own, so I am confident in my abilities to teach the community how I managed to do it and give them tips and the information needed to do it for themselves. I recently got promoted to Grandmaster during season 3, and hope I can use my skills to achieve your goals!

If any of my scheduled times end up not working for you, please contact me! im a very flexible person and would love to make time for you. Can't wait to help you become the best overwatch player you can be! 

To ensure that students are getting the best coaching possible and I am completely aware of times and bookings. I ask that you book 24 hours in advance. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Typical Lesson Plan

1) Introductions/brief questions about goals and expectations. 

2) I will watch my student in a quickplay or competitive game (if streaming is accessable) and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, taking detailed notes on what they need to improve on to achieve their goals. I will not be giving any tips and advice during this game. 

3) We will go over my notes and I will give detailed explainations on what they need to improve on and what they can do to improve on it. Giving them any examples, VODs, or written explainations of their corrections.

4) We will then go into perferably a competitive game (if streaming is available) and I will analyze their play after corrections. This time giving more corrections and tips as I see them, along with writing notes. When possible I will give live coaching during the game to aid in the student's ability to put the advice I give into immediate action.

5) If time allows, go over multiple games/specific map strategies. Go over professional VODs, practice specific moves in custom games, ect..

6) Write a summary of notes for my student, explaining what we went over and what is needed to achieve their goals.

List of Achievements

  • Master level Overwatch player
  • Master level Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty player

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