“Professionnal Coach/Analyst”

As i engage myself as a coach, I plan to interact 100% with my students. Therefore, if you see yourself interested in taking a lesson, I will ask you to not bother about the hours. Whatever the number of hours you have paid, I will surely do more that what was excepted. This extra will, of course, not be charged.

Indeed, I am a coach, but above all a player, just as you are, and my greatest pride is not to make money through my services, but to see you gain motivation and level to complete your goals. It is for this purpose that you trust me, and I will be involved in the courses in the same way that I invest myself in my personal evolution.


 Previously semi-professional coach League of Legends

Now here’s a more traditional presentation : My name is Julien "daemoN" » Ducros, I’m 20 and I’m currently living in Perpignan, in the South of France.

After a quite significative presence on the competitive scenes of Call of Duty and League of Legends as a semi professional player, I decided to focus on Overwatch.

I’ve seen many LANs and orgs. as Skitlite, Gamoniac etc, but it’s lately that I joined GamersOrigin as a professional coach. I went to the Paris Game Week, where I’ve been given the green light after some more than acceptable performances against Melty or Vitality.

I also casted and analyzed the OW Worlds with O'Gaming during the final bracket qualification week.

Cast of Overwatch Worlds with Shaytwan at O'Gaming HQ

About my life, apart from esport, I’m doing commerce studies. From the day I turned 18, I’ve been contacted by Klo-Games, a French company promoting e-sport, in order to work as a marketing advisor and event organizer on my free time. In exchange, I was sponsored during my days with Gamoniac on League of Legends. I’ve also earned my living by organizing some local events, as Gaming Contest Festival 2015 or FUNPLAY, events held in Perpignan.

I’m currently carrying eSport in the area.

For more information about my career, or just about myself, please follow me on facebook, twitter, and twitch.

Typical Lesson Plan

The lesson are most of the time theoretical. This way of coaching is not used by most coaches these days, because of its complexity of application, but especially of the investment requested.

Indeed, beyond the respect, as a captain, that I gained from all the players and orgs. I have encountered throughout my career, it is to cover a cruel lack of mechanics that I have been noticed by the acquisition of a game intelligence and an irreproachable game sense, even unique on the scene. 

          My Liquidpedia page, significant since my arrival in GamersOrigin.

From an inordinate investment to the understanding of the game and its minimal aspects, I can easily teach a student, from the novice to the most experienced.

I am constantly analyzing the evolution of the game and its meta, but above all, I know and understand it perfectly. This knowledge is intended to create new strengths and abuses to apply In Game, and finally teach them to my students.

However, from a perspective of optimization, this is what will often come up with each course:




The first part of the course is, in my opinion, the most important. The analysis is carried out on your whole set-up, that is to say your configurations IG [sensitivity for pixel skipping, config. Video for visual benefits], your favorite positions, the heroes you play ... In order to optimize everything, we will get as close as possible to the best way to play. Indeed, I knew a good number of students who simply were not aware of the various interesting configurations to apply, or positions / heroes to play, and had to adapt to what they could fit better, but with the doubt and the embarrassment of not being in an optimal condition.

What you do with all this can have a significant impact on your playstyle and how you see the game, which is why we will have a good time analyzing and discussing these points. I will be there to inform the student of the best ways to interpret the game.





What definitely makes the difference between me and many coaches is my ability to provide an absurd interest and investment in the theory, but also in the management and intelligence of the game. It is not uncommon for me to meet very good students, whose mechanics are clearly higher or even completely superior to the agreed level. Unfortunately, many of these players fail to use their IG skills, or else fail to control their psychological side. The mind has an important, even primordial, role in the state of your performance and lucidity, especially in soloQ where this aspect is most demanded over long hours of play. This part of the course is used to discuss, understand, and assemble the elements necessary for the creation of a schema that I quite stupidly named "Play Efficiency".

 Launch of season 1 soloQ; Intelligence, versatility, communication, the keys to success.

As presented with this image, which stands for the moment of my official switch from League of Legends to Overwatch, I was able to analyze and understand the essential aspects to win over overwatch, which allowed me to play Optimum way in soloQ, and to rise significantly as I was able to do this season. It's these aspects that I want to teach you as a coach, because Overwatch is an easy-to-grasp game when you try to understand it.





After all this theory, let’s move on to the most interesting. For students who can stream, I will perform a LIVE coaching from your broadcast on hit box (5 seconds delay), where I could give you direct marks and indications during your classified game. To conclude, we will make a report of your game, taking again some shots of certain moments of the game.

In case you are unable to stream, I will arrange to join you in a game ranked in duoQ to witness your performances, analyze and understand your good and bad actions at stake, and sum up everything to you after the game.

However, if you have the ability to stream even with a passable quality, I strongly advise you to do so because I would not have the ability to provide you with better feedback than being a viewer of your POV [Point Of View].

You should know that I am also open to proposals from grouped-coaching, or amateur teams. You just have to contact me on eGG-one school, or by DM on Twitter to discuss the details.


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  • http://wiki.teamliquid.net/overwatch/DaemoN

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