“Top 8% of players in Overwatch, Ex-Global Elite Player in CS:GO”

Hello ! I am MrCarbineSin, It's Very Nice to meet you!
I am a very dedicated, passionate coach and love what I do.

Once you become my student, I will offer you my advice,  answer all your question

My Solo Que Experience(In Video Games):

I started playing league of legends in season 2 where i ended in diamond, I have been Master/Challenger for the last two seasons. (I boost for a few websites aswell, which really helped out with expanding my champion pool and becoming a better coach throug duo q boosting.) The way i play League of Legends and Overwatch is most likely looked down upon. I practice and play only one or two champions/heroes and master them fully. In league of legends i have mastered the jungle as (Shaco) and Mid Lane (Cho'Gath). I can comfortable coach all roles if needed, but would be really good at these specific champions and roles. But i am able to coach most of the champions in league of legends. [Overwatch] I am currently in the top 8% of players, and still trying reach the top 500 players. I have highly skilled with Hanzo, and Junkrat. I play high DPS players, but i am able to coach under Hitscans, Supports and Tanks. (I am really passionate about this game the most at the current moment) [Counter Strike Global Offensive] I have been playing Counter-Strike since 1.6 and played the game for several years. I have achieved Global Elite a few times but currently taken a break from the game and resting around DMG - LE. 

No matter the rank that you are in these games, i am able to coach and teach anyone that is willing to listen to helpful advice and have the passion to improve, everyone can get better it just takes till and effort to practice and train! 

Typical Lesson Plan

An example of a typical lesson (All depends on what you wants to learn / practice) 

-DuoQ (Depending on Smurfs rank)

-Specatate and then giving an informative Pros and cons on your match. 

-Advice and Training Regimen 

You won't leave being unhappy with the service!


List of Achievements

  • League of Legends ELO Booster since S2
  • Overwatch top 8% of players
  • Global Elite In Counter Strike: Go

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