Grouped coaching

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Grouped coaching allows you to give a class to multiple students at the time, thus you can maximize your income while still being able to ask your students for a fair price.
For instance, with a 2h masterclass priced at 15€/h with 10 students you can pocket in 255€ for 2 hours of work, commission included.



A masterclass is theme based. For instance on LoL it could be about a particular champion, or a role etc. It is advised to prepare your subject well because you may have to answer questions from multiple students!
Example of Masterclass


Play with a Pro

This is a more relaxed format than a masterclass. You play a game with four students. You are in charge of the pick and ban phase, leading in game and a debriefing at the end of the game. Don’t hesitate to throw in as many tips and tricks during the game!
Example of Play with a Pro