Become THE most popular coach

10 tips for increasing your number of coaching lessons


Thou shalt spread thy profile

Your eGG-one school profile allows you to group together all the information on your coaching activity. In order to increase your number of students, your number one strategy must be the following: share your eGG-one profile address with as many people as possible. There are many places where you can add a link to your profile:

  • Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google +, Viadeo profiles
  • Forums, news comments, blog comments, email signature
  • Networks specific to your area of expertise


Thou shalt go on classified ad websites

Don't hesitate to use classified ad websites. For example, the site is the 5th most visited French website. Post an ad explaining that you give one-to-one lessons, then direct those interested in your services to your eGG-one school profile. You retain all of the functionality advantages of our platform whilst benefiting from increased visibility!


Thou shalt place Google alerts

Google Alert is a tool which notifies you when somebody on the internet talks about subject you've specified beforehand. Specify subject such as “Poker coaching request” or “Starcraft 2 tutorial” or even “English lessons needed” so that Google sends you a message every time a page corresponding with these keywords is created on the internet. Add the link to your profile on Google Alerts and find yourself some new students.

Google Alert =>


Thou shalt be forum-savy

As far as forums are concerned, a good strategy is to select a few specialist ones and use these to construct a strong presence: use them on a daily basis and show your expertise by writing quality posts. Be sure to help established forum members when they need assistance. Finally, advertise your activity with a link to your eGG-one school profile. You can even do this in your forum signature if the moderators allow it.


Thou shalt use the link-tracking tool

It can be frustrating carrying out marketing actions without seeing an immediate result. Each time you add a link to your profile, use the eGG-one school tracking tool to generate the URL. In this way, you will see the number of people who have clicked on your link from the My lessons page. You will soon see which strategies are the most effective for your coaching domain and you can optimize your marketing strategy!

Find this tool in the Manage my marketing section


Thou shalt do some "Guest Blogging"

If you're a coach, it's you who's the expert in your field. You are therefore in a position to write interesting and informative articles on what you know. Suggest to some well known blogs and websites to publish your article simply in exchange for an author credit and a link back to your profile. They will get some free content and you will get a quality audience interested in your expertise. If you feel like launching a blog grouping together all of your publications, go for it!


Thou shalt create Youtube videos

Creating Youtube videos is one of the best ways to find students. In a video, you can introduce yourself and your skills, make tutorials etc. show yourself in action or a snippet of the kind of coaching lessons you can offer. Create videos on a very specific subject, tag your videos carefully and add a link to your profile in the video description. Finally, offer videos to some well known Youtube channels in a similar style to guest blogging. If you intend on creating several videos, you could create your own Youtube channel!


Thou shalt integrate our API

eGG-one school has developed an API which allows any coach to integrate their profile wherever they like. We have two types of API:

  • An API which can be integrated in 7 seconds flat! Everything has already been taken care of and, thanks to the API, it is possible to book lessons on websites other than eGG-one school
  • An API for developers that wish to customize the information we give them.

If you are part of a team or community that already has a website, ask the webmaster if they would like to integrate your API! Your profile will attract even more views :) If you don't have any contact with existing websites, try finding yourself some partners. You could offer them some free coaching lessons as a competition prize in return for them installing your API on their website.

Go to the eGG-one school dedicated coaching API page.


Thou shalt build an audience with Twitter and Tweet Adder

Twitter is a very good means of building your audience in your field of expertise. Once you've built up an initial audience, tweet regularly about your coaching domain, show your knowledge, tweet your profile and when you are available.

A simple to use strategy for building up an initial audience:

  • Follow numerous people who, for example, have tweeted on subjects you coach or who follow other experts in your coaching domain.
  • When one of these people follows you back, thank them and send them a message about your coaching activity. Unfollow those that don't follow you back after a week.

You can use software such as “Tweet Adder” which allows you to:

  1. Automate the task of following and unfollowing
  2. 2. Search the Twittersphere for people to follow.

Take the time to read the advice given by other users of Twitter software to learn how to get the most out of the various Twitter sotware.


Finally, thou shalt ask for our guidance

At eGG-one school, we support all coach initiatives and we are happy to help them succeed. Every time you create a video, article or specific content that you wish to promote, contact us. We would happily use our Facebook page to promote you and include a link to your profile!