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“Platinum Jungler. German and English lessons!”

Hey Guys.

My name is JINN and I am a 23 year old college student from Hamburg, Germany studying to become an econ major. Because of my Canadian family background I offer German as well as English lessons at the same quality level.

I managed to roll through silver and gold in only 100 wins this season and am currently placed in platinum. There is still no end to the climb.

My goal is for you to become a better player. That way you can climb the ladder on your own and win more games.

I main jungle and have great game knowledge which i would love to share. I can offer to teach you:


-      Runes & Masteries

-      Picks & Counterpicks

-      Team comps

-      Itemisation

-      Lane analysation

-      Kill probability



-      Invades

-      Jungle routes

-      Gank paths

-      Skirmishes 1v1 / 2v2 / 3v3

-      Map analysis

-      Reading the enemy

-      Snowballing

-      When to gank where



-      Objective control

-      Warding

-      Diving

-      Map pressure

-      Pushing

-      Freezing

-      Carrying

-      Gold efficiency



-      Item builds

-      Team fighting

-      Positioning

-      Peeling

-      Vision control

-      Baron control

-      Pressing advantages

-      turtleing


and much, much more

I also offer a general view on solo queue and how to efficiently climb the ladder, how to deal with trolls, and how to have fun while doing so. How statistics help you and what mindset is best to win.

A fun learning environment is key. It is my goal to make you good as fast as possible and will work on individual improvement as well as a general knowledge base. If you are interested in learning anything about "how to jungle properly" i am your guy!

(all dies natürlich auch auf deutsch!)

Typical Lesson Plan

Every lesson plan will be different as i focus on indivudual needs.

Every first lesson will be key for our further progress. If we don't synergize well you will not improve.

You don't like what i have to offer the first time around? You get your money back!

We will then look at your personal skill level and your goals. Are they achievable? What do we need to invest to reach them? What junglers do you want to play? What do they ofer to the game or to the team comp? From there on it is building your knowledge, increasing vision on what is happening on the map, being in the right spots at the right time and boosting you elo to the top!

When can you counterjungle? When should you counterjungle? Which lane should you gank when and how? All those questions will be covered. Do you have individual problems? All those things and many more will be covered in our lessons!

We will have a motivating timeline of your progress and increase your confidence in doing the right thing to help yourself win.

Due to "LOLreplay" not working properly i currently just Duo-Queue with my students in what ever queue you want to play. If however LOLReplay works with your replays we can use them. Also if you are able to live stream your games I can coach that way too!

List of Achievements

  • Silver to Plat in 100 WINS

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