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Poste Solo Top, Jungler, AD Carry
League Challenger, Diamond III
Server EUW
Others challenger

“Jungle main that can help you learn all the mechanics you need! I can teach you to read the jungle.”

I am a diamond jungle main that can teach you how to read the jungle and stomp your enemy.


I can teach you mechanics and tricks to rank up fast and become the best league of legends player you can. I also play ADC and TOP at high elo but I recommend learning to jungle for solo Q especially if you are low elo it can have the biggest impact in the game.


I specialise in map controll and bullying the enemy. I am very active and can accomodate most times of the day.


You can also find my twitch channel here:


And my main account here:

Typical Lesson Plan

I will add you discord to chat with you through your games. 


I will ask that you screen share on discord or use some programme that will allow me to view your gameplay. spectating games has too much lag to give effective feedback.


I can join your games on a smurf account to help you learn ADC as I play support if that is something you are looking for.

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