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“Experience? Check. College Esports? Check. Loves coaching? Check. Well lets give this a try then!!!!”

My name is dylan wilkof, im 19 years old and have tons of experience coaching. I enjoy it. Ive played on many different teams who joined random tournaments etc with cash prizes along with being a part of college esports. I have done paid coaching before and have taught all of my friends how to play the game as well. I can coach any role as i used to play them all at one point, and pride myself on understanding the basics of every champion. Adc is definitely my best role though. Dont let my rank fool you, i play solo queue very little and focus more on the theory of the game.

Discord Tag: ADC LooseCannon#4904

You can add me and message me there for more information or help in working things out. Im open to whatever you would like :)

Typical Lesson Plan

Every lesson will be specifically tailored to the student. Whether they want help with a specific champion, role or whatever they might need. I will do everything i can to give good information and help my students grow.
I normally like to start out with a basic overview and a discussion about what the students strengths and weeknesses are. Then from there we can go over a vod, discuss any questions they might have or even have me watch a game live so that i can help them learn first hand. (This can also be swapped and they could watch me)

Ultimately, the student decides what help they get and what happens during our time together, whatever that may be.

I mostly just stream for fun and mess around. Whether thats playing with friends or other games. You can sometimes find me on there streaming ranked on my main though.

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