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“Ready to coach anyone who wants success in their match history.”

Hey Guys & Gals!

I've been coaching League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Since then I've acquired 3,000+ hrs of individual coaching, and have worked with multiple competitive 5's Rosters ranging from Diamond to Challenger.

Over these 6 years of coaching, I believe the best quality I've acquired and mastered has been the ability to communicate with ANY type of player. whether you feel like the most toxic player NA, or just can't figure out what you're doing that's preventing you from climbing to your peak performance.

This will be my first time electing to coach through a website instead of individual contacts. so brace yourself for a new type of coaching that is bound to give you 100% customer satisfaction. GUARANTEED.

Can't wait to make the ELO hell experience a pleasant one for you to climb out of.  

Typical Lesson Plan reviews 20/30 min 10$
Here we will be going over itemization and analyzing gameplay and habits strictly through statistics given from this website. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from these.

Consults $15
If you need direction. ie. role selection, going over strengths and weaknesses and basically get an understanding of your game knowledge this is your package. This also covers mentality training.

Single Vod Review 45-1hr $20
Here we will visually go over laning phase and decision making. talk about the specific match up that you have and break it down to questions you should be asking yourself before the game starts to when and why you should be warding in different areas. brief Goals to set for solo queue mentality.

Multi Vod review (3) 75$
This package is for the person that wants to improve the fastest. it includes all special packages like the consult/live game/vision control packages. I will go over 3 games with you one will be the review. the next will be the live review and last will be a regular review to see the improvements you've made. this includes the vision package which involves me showing you how to run the vision drills in practice tool.

Live Game Coaching $25
I will help guide you through a game and show you how things should be done and executed live instead of in a review. this type of coaching is specifically helpful for those players who learn by doing instead of being told what to do. if this sounds like you I'd skip the vod reviews and come straight to this one.

Vision Control Package $10
(not only for support players)
This package is included in the 3+ vod review package. it's one of the series involved in helping a player understand the when why and how of warding. A lot of tricks to help you ward as a player. I haven't found many players that know these tricks apart from Players I've coached.

List of Achievements

  • Upsurge Esports Head League Manager
  • Horizon Coaching Seminar
  • DNA Coaching Seminar
  • UCL Quarterfinalists

Educational stream where I sometimes showcase coaching of competitive 5's. I rarely show individual coaching due to wanting the people purchasing this service to get their money's worth.

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