“Achieve the mentality that gets you wins!”

I am a youthworker from Estonia who plays video games. A lot! 

Coaching experience from being a football coach.

Being a youthworker has developed my social skills as well as teaching people how to change mindset and mentality to accomplish greater things in life and in video games.
Working with me will not only help you during our lesson, but also in the long run.
Some of the methods that I teach will also translate into your real life.

Every season that I have played league, I've climbed in rank. Started from silver and now in Diamond mainly playing support. I have experience playing all the roles but my strong suit is bot lane!

Will start my own esports team for the youth.

Typical Lesson Plan

Every lesson will be different. That's because every player is different. What worked for the last guy might not work for you.

First of all I have to get to know you: What's your playstyle, what champions do you like the most, what do you like to do in the game, what's your mindset turing the game and so on.

After having a good talk with You, we can start analysing your games and what you should look for in the game. 

I use many different informal education methods to maximize learning and progress. These methods will help you out even after our lessons.

Before the lesson: find me on discord sibulad500palun#6266
And provide me with: 

Name -

Age -

Role -

Rank -

Champions -

Playstyle -

Strengths  -

Weaknesses -

Mentality during the game -

Expectations from lesson (what do you hope to get out of this lesson) - -


List of Achievements

  • 2 time u19 Estonian Champions. Football

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