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My name is Hector "Hmmer" Amador.

I've been playing League Of Legends for 12 years now and coaching full time for 9 years.

I participated and Won several International Tournaments, some of which have been Online and others Offline.

Some of the professional teams I have played in are Reason Gaming, Millenium and MouseSports.

It was with discipline, hard training and personal analysis of game mechanics that I was able to achieve my goals.

And today it is with great joy and excitement that I can offer to teach you these same methods that turned me into a Pro.

Each lesson is personalized to a students needs and wishes.

Here are some examples of the knowledge I can offer you in my lessons:

-Champion Analyses: Its Role, Skill mechanics, Synergyes, counter picks and tricks;

-Micro: Positioning, farming, skill timing and cooldown control;

-Macro: Timer control, mini map control and vision, analyses and comprehension of key points on the map, game phases, etc...

-Optimization: Runes, masteries, items and skins;

-Pro Gamer Psychology;

-Premade Coaching;

-Team Coaching;

-Team Leadership;

-E-sports career management. (How to get into a Pro Team, sponsorships, livestreaming, contracts, etc...)

-And many many more.

Contact me if you wish to improve or have further questions.

Hope to see you soon.

GL & HF ;).







*Rescheduling or canceling only possible 24h's before start of agreed lesson, failure to do so will result in lose of scheduled time for that particular session.


List of Achievements

  • Riot Adviser
  • LCS Coach
  • Challenger S10
  • Challenger S9
  • Challenger S8
  • Challenger S7
  • Challenger S6
  • Challenger S5
  • Challenger S4
  • Challenger S3
  • Triple Diamond S2
  • Triple Platinum S1
  • IEM World VI Player
  • EPS Summer 2011 Qualifiers
  • EPS Season VII Qualifiers
  • EMS Season VII Qualifiers
  • GoFrLoLMonthly Finale #3
  • Go4LoL Cup #14
  • Go4LoL Cup #9
  • GoFrLoL Cup #16
  • GoFrLoL Cup #1
  • Esl Iberian League S-I
  • Esl Spring Series
  • Esl Winter Series
  • Spirit LAN#9
  • Arena51
  • XL Party Lisbon 2010
  • Euskal Encounter 2010
  • Grand Master Beta Player|Top 100 Elo List|

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