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Poste Solo Top, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
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Server EUW, EUNE, NA, RU, TR

“knowledge is the key to improvement.”

  • About me:
    Hello I'm Peter "Fox1ne" Yang or else Petros Konidaris i'm player and a human and did mistakes in the past just like you.I'm Playing since season 1 achieved very good places in tournaments as a competitive player (ESL,Challengermode,batllefy etc.) peak is d2 50lp,got a lot of experience as a player and as asemi-professional Coach/analyst.

    I am able to coach in micro and macro play.Individual players and teams are accepted. Most of the reserves can be applied via skype/discord with share screen for live action and real time coaching for tips and tricks(to run game share screen with no fps drops change resolution from full window to window mode or borderless).

    i've been watching some seminars about coaching seassion,even though i have a lot of experience in game and i want to share it with people and help them improve and become even better than me,I'm a passionate LoL player and a friendly coach the reason i'm doing this it's because i love helping other players improve.

    Mid main/most played champions:

    Before we start our session you should give me some information about yourself as a league player like the quastions below:

    ~Since which season you've been playing league?

    ~What is your main lane/role and your secondary?

    ~Where you aiming at peaking in soloq and what is your current division?

    ~What is the most important for you micro or macro or both?

    ~What is your goal in league of legends and what you want to achieve?

    IF you want to pay for Team coaching session the prices will be applied based on team's elo.Read below:

    Team coaching bronze Tier/elo/division 556$/469€

    Team Coaching silver Tier/elo/division 449$/378€

    Team coaching gold Tier/elo/division 420$/354€

    Team coaching platinum Tier/elo/division 356$/300€

    Team coaching diamond Tier/elo/division 247$/208€

    note: All teams of any division the coaching seassions can be applied at a non-standard hour but to 24/7 coaching sessions + individual coaching session for one month

    How to contact me for team coaching:



    Discord: Fox1ne#3087

Typical Lesson Plan

The individual coaching sessions will be applied via skype/discord with share screen for live action and real time coaching to find mistakes and issues on your playstyle and your gameplay and analyze them as much detailed as possible so you can improve to the next level of play.(to run the game with share scree i recommend changing the resolution from full window to window mode or borderless to avoid the drop fps issues).


For team coaching,you must give information about the team and each player(name,server,age,division,previous experience and past teams/organizations),what is your goal as a team,how would you rate the team's level competition. Also read the description above for further information about prices and stuff.

List of Achievements

  • 4th place LoL EU Nordic & East 5on5 Champions Club #96
  • 8th place League Greek Championship LAN qualifiers
  • 4th place LoL 5on5 Major League Season 2 Promotion Cup Greece
  • 3rd place LoL Go4LoL tournament Greece powered by Inspot
  • 4th place LoL ESL Major tournament powered by sennheiser
  • 2nd place challengermode tournament swede cup
  • 2nd place Digital Universe Qualifiers Greece
  • 3rd place Go4LoL ESL Greek Cup

Main mid lane + otp Ahri + Fun

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