74 hours given
Poste Solo Top, Jungler, AP Mid
League Master
Server EUW
Others Assassin specialist

“Message me on Discord to reach me. Lybrix#0871”

I'm 22 years old male, who lives in Denmark. I speak Danish and English fluently, though I apoligize if my grammar isn't perfect.

I peaked at Diamond 1 in season 4 and Master in season 5. I didn't play seriously in season 6 or 7. I went full tryhard for a month to see what rank I would get and ended up in Master 200ish lp. I play on and off atm. focusing on my streaming and coaching.

I really only play mid and top lane. I have been a mid lane main for 4 seasons now and only really play top when I don't get mid lane in which case I normally play Riven or Yasuo.

I play almost every champion but I specialize in a few champions that I find hard to play well. These champions being Riven, Katarina, Zed and Yasuo.

I have somewhere around 20 accounts, but the only account that I tryhard climb on is called: IIllIlllIIIllIIl

Typical Lesson Plan

First I need to figure out what kind of help it is that you are in need of. This might as well be a psychological problem as it may be a mechanical problem or lack of knowlegde. Once i have gotten a lay of the land we look at your champion pool as the first game specific thing. Personally I belive that you should play what you like to play since every champion can take you where you want to go, but it's important to me that you have all the information before you make this decision.

Once we are done talking you go into a solo que ranked game while either screen sharing on skype or streaming it. Even if these option aren't available to you we will find a solution. I simply need a way to watch you play, but my preffered method is being able to help you throughtout the game as well as showing you it afterwards. I will be recording the game while you play so that we can go over key problems in your play.

You can ofcause ask questions at any point throughtout the lesson but i want to make sure that you have asked everything you wanted before i conclude the lesson. When thats taken care of I will give you a quick summary of what you need to work on kind of like homework for next the time.


Please add me on skype "The_Lybrix" or on League euw "Git gud Lybrix" or come to my discord "" when you want a lesson since this website is good at a lot of things, but pretty bad at giving notification.

List of Achievements

  • ESL

I mainly stream for fun, while playing with friends.

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