How to climb the ladder quickly ? Smurf ALL RANK

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My name is Teddy Zaki, I am 23 years old and am a Grand Master on League of Legends. Former player Millenium for the Challengers Series EU (sub). I climbed all the steps of the ladder starting at the bottom of the bronze 5 ladder during season 3. I have gained a lot of experience in my main roles of jungle, mid and top, An entire season on the roles of ad carry and support.

I embarked on coaching passionately to teach and see my students progress through the transmission of the same techniques that enabled me to improve my game in season 3. Each person is unique and requires an approach adapted to his Style of play, which is why I adapt to all your requests. I also carry out a personalized follow-up of all my students and will guide you throughout the season. I also do group classes; (Duo, premade and team) consult me for the rates.

An example of the evolution of one of my students here (Congrat's Jo) : 

(After 10 hours of coaching + duoQ)


Discord : TeDzY#8329

Typical Lesson Plan

Course Schedule

Technical Section

- Setting Your Goal
- Implementation of an action plan
- Complete Explanation of Runes and Mastery

Application Session

- Ranked to your elo
- Spectate the game (
- Analysis of the game and awareness of errors

After each course, I will summarize the progress made during the session, the key points to rectify and the work to be done to reach your goal.

As a student you will also have access to a Skype conversation group where you can meet students of the same level and share your progress / ask specific questions.

You will also get an invitation to my ranked team.

Contact me
You can contact me directly on the site by private message, or on skype as indicated below.

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