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Poste Jungler, AP Mid, AD Carry, Support
League Challenger, Diamond I
Server EUW

“Breathe a new insight to your PlayStyle !”

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Greetings Summoner!

My name is mehdi , I'm 21 years old and I am currently studying business in grenoble .

I have been playing league of legend since the beta version, i have played within the challenger ladder during season 3 before i had to quit the game in order to focus on my studies. I dived back at the mid of the season 6.

I'm currently a Diamond 1 player and my main roles are Mid lane, support and ADC . I also play, when needed, jungle with agressive champions like nidalee or Elise.

My aims when coaching ?

I am a very patient and calm person who likes to thoroughly analyze things that are presented to me. My patience and the hindsight i have acquired allow me to keep a very clean playstyle throughout my games.

My goal is to fuel each student with the necessary patience for the DynamiQ. Players are very agressive and very less likely to listen to your calls. You then easly are driven by there anger and start to make mistakes as everyone is confused on what to do.

My main aim is to teach you how to manage the environement you will evolve within in order to keep a flawless playstyle. You must know that maintaining positive games will undoubtedly help you climb the ladder. I myself try to keep a clean playstyle and that is portrayed by the KDA.

 You no longer need to be the gray player who sneaked towards higher ground ,master the game and lead your team towards victory by carrying them all .

You can join me if you ever need an information, i will do my best to meet your needs. Also, i can adapt to the way you want to conduct the lesson if you bring a friend with you.

I'm up to any suggestion and I am first of all here to help you reach your true level !!

Typical Lesson Plan

My lesson will start off with a brief presentation of myself and my playstyle. The aim is to learn more about you, your personnality, the way you react to things , the way you consider the games and the difficulties you are facing in your actual rank.

I will then analyze you champion pool and its potential in the actual meta. We will talk picks and bans, counter-picks and i will explain to you what makes a champion strong and when to pick that kind of champ. We will also adress the powerspike issue and itemization. By understanding how important is the game atmosphere and environment, i will teach you how to manage your communication.

We will surely go through your runes and masteries and adapt them to your play style.

Once you have acquired the basics, i will talk to you about common mistakes and analyze how you would act in some archetypal situations you must have faced whilst playing.

The aim of my courses is that you become the one who outlines mistakes : Understanding the game starts with the ability to judge properly the situation. By knowing your own mistakes and those of your allies, you will surely advance.

The number of hours you book will determine the way we conduct the lesson. If we have enough time, i will suggest some DuoQ or an analysis of one of your games.

The lesson hours are flexible , so don't you hesitate joining me to schedule a specific timing that suits you.

Last , but not least, you can join me before any lesson or simply to make contact , by e-mail : [email protected] gmail or through skype , Ach.mind

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