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Greetings, Summoner. With my expertise and experience as a LCS Coach, I can assure the best quality coaching for you. With the right discipline and training plan, success is guaranteed.


Teams I have coached:



What you can expect from me:


  • Professional consultancy and aid.
  • The best possible insight in the game.
  • Optimization of your mechanics and knowledge.
  • A progressive mindset.
  • Remote evaluation to keep track of your progression*.

*Meaning: Upon and after booking, you remain a contact to stay in touch to have the luxury of remote counseling. 


Types of coaching available (explanation below): 

  • VOD Coaching
  • Live Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Team Workshops


VOD Coaching: Detailed coaching from your point of view; recorded with PlaysTV, OBS or other.

Live Coaching: Depending on your connection and PC. You have the option for live coaching. Meaning that you share screen over Skype or Discord and I will guide you through the game and evaluate key points of the game. Ask for more information.

Counseling: Consultation on requests. Which can be a coaching on mindset, advice on routines or organizing training schedules.

Team Workshops: For an adjusted price; I can give workshops. Assisting you in scrims and help you manage the team to gain the most benefit of your players/teammates. For more details, please message me.



Before you book, I recommend you to message me. This way we can discuss details and plan in advance. Booking before agreeing on a time and date by message will likely result in a reschedule


May you have any questions, don't hesistate to contact me.
I hope to see you on the Rift!




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