“Flex Player for Team ROCCAT ready to coach you in every role.”

I'm gone from 17.9 - 5.10, so I won't be able to do coaching stuff in that time. Sorry!



My name is Cris and I play Heroes of the Storm professional for Team ROCCAT.

I started my Moba career with League of Legends, played it for almost 4 years mainly as a midlaner. Played competitivly for a lot of different german teams and achieved Challenger multiple times. Switched over to Infinite Crisis, played there for Team Dignitas and dominated the EU scene. At the beginning of 2015, we decided to swap over to Heroes of the Storm.

I already coached people in League of Legends and wrote guides in LoL and Infinite Crisis.
I also recently coached a group of 8-10 players together with a teammate in Heroes of the Storm and we got good feedback overall.

My role in the team is being the flex player, which means that I play every role and almost every Hero in the entire game. I have huge gameplay knowledge, when it comes to either doing the correct builds or playing the map correctly. I know everything about every team comp that is being played and can give you a huge inside on the competitive scene.

I'm able to coach in two different languages, english and german.

You can check out my stream at

My HotsLogs Profile:

HOTS Logs Player Profile

My Hero Collection: 


Typical Lesson Plan

A typical lessons starts with us getting on TS3 or Skype and clarifying what exactly you expect to get from me in this lesson.

I will always start with answering every question you might have about different talents, builds, team comps, map strategies and the competitive scene.

After that there are 3 Options we can go for.

Option 1:
We will play a quick match together and I will watch your gameplay and aswell tell you what to do on the current map we are going to play.

Option 2:
We will go over one of your replays, that you specifically want me to analyse. It's also possible to go over any competitive game, if you are really interested in that.

Option 3:
Playing a quick match and going over a replay, if there is enough time for it.

List of Achievements

  • 2015 Europe Blizzcon Open #3
  • 2015 Europe Blizzcon Open #1
  • Enter the Storm Cup 3 Qualifier #5
  • Zotac Cup #11
  • 4. Place Dreamhack Valencia
  • Go4Heroes #20
  • ESL Pro Series Summer 2014
  • ESL Pro Series Spring 2014
  • ESL Pro Series Winter 2013
  • World Cyber Games 2013 attender for Germany in LoL
  • World Cyber Games 2013 Germany final round
  • Infinite Crisis Season 2 World
  • Infinite Crisis Season 1 EU
  • Go4 Infinite Crisis

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