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Rôle Specialist, Assassin, Warrior

“Always happy to teach, ENG/GER, Ranged/Melee Assas, Tanks. :)”

Hi there! :) My name is Sebastian "bLaDe" Petraschke and I'm playing Heroes since early alpha and competetive Heroes since beta. I instantly fell in love with the game and basically played it nonstop until today.

I'm the Ex-Captain of one of the best HGC (professional) teams in Europe, namely "Team expert". Within the team I played the melee flex role (pretty much all tanks and melee assassins), but I also know quite alot about the ranged assassins in the game and could teach you how to get better on those or at the game in general (rotations, drafts, fights).

I'm able to teach individuals but I also love to coach teams. Don't hesitate to hit me up on Twitter (@bLaDeHotS) or add me on Skype (Sebastian.bLaDe7) or Discord (bLaDe#9905) if you have any questions. I'm always looking forward to share my knowlegde.

Languages I speak fluently: German/English 

SUGGESTION: Students are more than welcome to take 1 hour sessions but I highly recommend booking 2 hour sessions for the full experience especially if you are a newer player. There is alot to be taught in Heroes and I found myself always wanting to talk about more things than an hour session allowed.

Typical Lesson Plan

Before I start a lesson I will always have a thorough look at your profile, so that I can see what level you're at and what kind of Heroes you play. I will then ask you to pick a few replays of your games where you either
a) felt like that you could've done better or
b) felt like that you couldn't have done much to win the game.

During the session we will look at some of these replays from many angles to identify things you can work on to help you do better next time (draft, rotations, gameplay).

Other things I do with my students during a lesson are for example: watching you play a game or two through screensharing, individual mechanical practice (practicing 1v1s, stutter-stepping, comboing etc.), general talks (how to deal with loss-streaks, how to effectively communicate with your teammates etc.) and whatever is suited to help YOU become a better player! :)

List of Achievements

  • Multiple High Grandmaster on Europe
  • Several Go4Heroes/Zotac Cup first places
  • Heroes Europe Nexus Games 2016 5th/6th
  • ESL Heroes Fall Regionals Gamescom 5th/6th
  • ESL Heroes Spring Regional Katowice 7th/8th
  • Teaching experience from university studies
  • Ex-HGC-Player for Team expert

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