“Warrior for mYinsanity, coaching in English and German”

Hey there!

My name is Blumbi, I am 22-years old, from Germany, and a professional Heroes of the Storm player. If you are into esports you might know me as the Tank-player for Team Alternate Fancy, a consistent top10 european team. I decided to start coaching part time as I enjoy it a lot.

So if you are looking for a coach to improve as a team or you maybe just want to improve your own skills to climb the hero league ladder, especially as a warrior/tank player, I am the coach you are looking for!



What makes me a good coach:

- over 200 hours of team/private coaching experience in league of legends (S3 D1 70lp+, S4 Master 1)

- creator of educational content, wrote guides with several million of views and some educational streams

- over 3k games played, playing since mid alpha last year between 3.8k- 4.3k mmr

- motivation! If you are motivated to improve I am motivated to coach you! Its a win-win situation

- fluent coaching in English and German



What do you need?

You need skype + a working microphone, paypal and motivation to improve!



What can you expect from the coaching?

- Personal improvement of map knowledge, decisionmaking, hero knowledge, lane matchups, etc...

- I will focus on whatever YOU want me to focus on! We can do anything if it helps you to improve!

- Usually we go through replays to analyze, play games together with live commentary to improve decisionmaking or play 1v1´s to focus on your lane in specific matchups you struggle against.

For teams:

- Improvements and tips on drafting, map drafting, decisionmaking, teamfighting, communication, rotations, mental stability in the team ---> basically anything that makes you a good team



If you are interesed or have any questions contact me via Skype "blumbilol"

Typical Lesson Plan


- Analysis of 1/multiple replays via screen share/drawing tool

- Analysis of draft

- First time meeting --> Analysis of champion pools, weaknesses/strengths of the team






Analysis of a replay

- 1v1 lane matchup training

- hero tips/tricks + theoretical knowledge

- Duo Queue with live commentary + replay analysis

List of Achievements

  • Spring Global Championship Top8
  • Dreamhack Tours EU Summer Regional
  • EU Spring Regional Katowice
  • EU Summer Regional Leicester
  • Dreamhack Winter 2015

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