“Rank 1 | 3900 MMR+ | Heroes of the Storm player”

Hello, my name is Khalif Hashim. Firstly, I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, and for the past few years I've been trying my hardest to become a professional gamer.

I attend college for English as I also am a poet and a writer on my spare time.

I started playing Heroes of the Storm for the Heroes of the Dorm collegiate tournament and managed to get into the top 16 teams out of almost 900. I have been playing the game ever since.

I'm currently playing in the Heroes of the Storm amateur tournament scene as an assassin/flex player and shotcaller for nV Gaming. We have a decent showing in tournaments and we hope to soon get into the Major League for Heroes of the Storm

I have experience coaching in League of Legends through other sites previously from my time being a Diamond 1 player. 

I feel as though I can offer my skills and knowledge of Heroes of the Storm in a coaching enviroment to be as constructive and helpful as possible. I wish to see the Heroes community keep on growing and I believe that having good coaching available is a good way to help accomplish this.

Typical Lesson Plan

In my coaching experience it's essential to first figure out where the coach and the student reside in the coaching process. There should be a goal in place and steps set on how to get there.


A very condensed description of  lesson plan would look like this:

- Establish the students current skill

- Provide more information for the student to achieve their goals

- Have the student use this information during a game

- Review the replay of the game with student

- Rinse and repeat as neccessary.


A longer and more descriptive layout of a lesson plan would look like this:

My typical lesson plan (which will be altered to fit the needs of the students specific needs and requests) will begin with establishing what it is the stupid wants to be coached on. Say for example a student wanted to become an effective and even game changing Kerrigan player.

I would ask them what they already know about Kerrigan. After I have a good grasp upon my students knowledge, I can continue by either, confirming what they said was correct, and then providing extra information, or if what they said was incorrect, provide my own insight and give constructive reasoning for it, and then provide extra information as well. 

The lesson would continue by making sure the student understands what to do to play Kerrigan effectively, having the student play a game as Kerrigan, and make sure to have them save the replay afterwards.

Obviously, no one does something perfectly after one attempt, so then comes the analyzing.

I would then review the replay with the student, offering to have them analyze their own play, noting where they both played well, and misplayed, as well as offering a suggestion to what they should've done in that situation.

This process would repeat as much as the student would like before they play as they would optimally like to.


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