“Competitive Hearthstone Player, Let me help you take your game to the next level.”


I am Felzak. I have been playing Hearthstone for years and consider it to be a big passion of mine. If you share this passion, you are at the right place.

I have been Legend every month for the past 2 years with several top 25 and even more top 200 finishes. I can help you become a better player- from decision making during the game to more subtle things like hand tracking or even selecting the right decklist.

Need help preparing for a tournament? I have played in numerous tournaments and am a WESG 2018 Grand Finalist. I can help you select a line up that is right for YOU and teach you how to approach the games in the tournament.

I can teach in English or Bulgarian. You can find me on Twitter(@Felzak_HS) or Discord(Felzak#2961).
Feel free to contact me at any time if you need coaching.

Typical Lesson Plan

The goal of every lesson is to make you a better Hearthstone player. To do that we need to establish your goals. Are you a new player who needs help with fundamentals or a veteran player in need of a little help to hit Legend? Maybe you want to climb to high Legend. Or something entirely different. I will help with any of that.


If your main gameplay is ladder we will look at your available decks and why you chose them. It is important that your deck coresponds to your goal in the game. We are going to look at what suits your playstyle and choose the best deck for you.

We are then going to go through details on every turn and make sure we understand where the problems lie. I will help you learn how to approach the mulligan based on what you are playing against, how to make decisions every turn that are in accordance with your overall plan in that game, understand the basics of the game and why one play is better than the other. The goal in the end is that you can make your own decisions and understand why they are right or wrong.

We can also work on more advanced things like trying to predict what your opponent is going to play based on their hand and play pattern. This will help you secure these extra percentage chances to win games.



If you are looking to play in a tournament, I can help you prepare for that. This includes a lineup choice that is right for YOU and how to approach games with the right mentality.

I am going to make sure that we are working according to your level. Don't worry if you are just looking to get into tournaments, I won't bury you in data. We are going to look at what you are comfortable with and how this can be used to you advantage and how to maximize your chances.

If you already into tournaments but just not happy with you results, we are going to look at data, make some spreadsheets and see what it is likely that other players might bring so we are prepared for it, as well as see how you can learn from your past experiences. Maybe it's not your deck selection that's bringing you down. What this also means is that this will include less actual gameplay. In such situations we are looking to play games only to test ideas, see if the data corresponds to reality and practice different matchups. If you think you are struggling with certain aspects of the game (e.g. mulligan) in general, it is probably better to address these first as they will greatly hinder you in a tournament where you are less likely to get away with mistakes.



If you are looking for something entirely different, that is OK. We will discuss it and I will tell you if I can help you with it. Chances are I can but just in case contact me before booking to avoid disappointment. I do not coach Arena.

List of Achievements

  • WESG 2018 Grand Finalist
  • Top 10 Legend finish March 2019
  • Top 25 Legend finish in October 2018
  • Multiple top 200 Legend finishes in 2018
  • Legend every season for the past 2 years

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