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I'm den, French player based in the south of France. In Life, I'm 26, a strategy consultant for fun and a hearthstone coach/player as job, or the opposite, i'm not really sure sometimes. 

About Hearthstone, I'm a legend player since April 2014 (the month i started playing), with a different deck each season. I'm a top 100 ladder player for 2017 in Europe and taking care of the Gamersorigin team for 2018 HCT.

I can teach in English, French or Italian. 

You can find me on the Judgehype Website for guides, on twitter for decklists or add me on discord (den#3613) to find me directly (please mention you come for coaching^^)


Being not fully responsable of my schedule, please contact me to get coaching infos and booking.

You can find me on discord : den#3613 or DM me on twitter

Have a nice day.


Typical Lesson Plan

How do i Work : 

My goal as an Hearthstone coach is to help you be a better hearthstone player and improve your game to succeed in tournament or the ladder. 

My method is simple, teach the thinking process of how to build a play based on what is in front of you and what happened before in the match so you never fall behing your opponent and have consistent results in the game. 

The process starts with deckbuilding and goes through all the basics of the game, matchups, mulligans, value plays and others. 

We can also go further and work on anticipating your opponent's move when you're good with the basics to make you an even better player. 


How do we achieve it : 


During a lesson, we'll work together to identify what problems you might have and where does it comes from in order to work efficiently and remove all potential missplays from your game. 

We'll start with the decks you use and why did you build them that way, then we'll try them live to see what works, what doesn't work and why. 

Once this is done, we'll start the real work and make you a better player with a deck that suits your gameplay and the goal you want to achieve. We'll analyse your plays and see why you choose one over another considering the overall goal you try to achieve in the matchup. My main goal is to help you be in control and able to evaluate situations Shortly. 

I made schemes to help that that you can find on my twitter, they are free to take and use for everyone



As a bonus, we can also work on the anticipation aspect and try to enter the mind of your opponents so you can put games away earlier and destroy any comeback chances. This part relies mostly on your capacity to find information and use it efficiently. 


If the method stays similar, arena requires more work on the draft and on maximizing the value of your cards. The anticipation aspect is greatly lowered as anything can happen in arena but there are still some basics that need to be respected. 

I would suggest at least 2 or 3h straight so we can work on a full arena run and have enough time to think about your draft picks. 





Being myself a competitive player ( or at least trying ) and being in charge of a team of 3 players on a daily basis, i can help you enter the competitive worlds and teach you how to prepare for tournaments. 

this portion is very different from the 2 others as the would be much more theoritical, the gameplay parts of the coaching would be when we try the dufferent ideas and deck you're building your line up around.

This can be adapted considering your level and it can serve a new player trying to get into tournalents, where the strategy would be simplified and we would be focusing on your comfort zone And thing you are already good at. 

Further strategical levels can be tried with accomplisehd players trying to find practice partners and a coach to help them prepare in a more "pro" way. 





List of Achievements

  • 2017 Top 100 Ladder player on the year
  • Dreamhack Tours
  • Legend every season since season 1
  • Blizzcon EU Qualifiers
  • Legend #11 season 4
  • Bot'stone #23 Winner

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