“Obtain the goals in Hearthstone you deserve!”

Be the best player you can be

Hello everyone!

I am Pablo aka Netherbane. I have been a professional Hearthstone player in the past and a few years ago became an Analyst & Coach for several teams and players you know.

I am a coach at the Giants Academy, where we find new talent and polish them to become the new stars of the game. We do so by training their mechanics and giving personal support though coaching and mentoring.

With a more than 5 years experience in traditional sports and Esports, I can help you to become that player you want to be. Hearthstone is expanding at a rapid pace and if you want to become the next big star of the game or reach Legend every season, it's better to have a coach on your side to help you go through this adventure. Remember: You deserve the goals you aim for, you just need to travel the right way to reach them!

I speak English, Spanish and French fluently, so do not hesitate to get in touch with me in one of these languages.

Contact me before booking. See you soon at the inn!

Current Promotion: For your first lesson, you get one hour for free.

Typical Lesson Plan

First off, I will have a personal chat with you. I want to know more about you, your history with games and what drives you.

Once I understand your needs, we will play some games together. You will be doing the playing, I will see how you do both mechanically and mentally. We will have to polish these two aspects of the game perfectly to bring up that masterful skills you have in you.

Once we worked on that, I will teach you some aspects of the game you have to understand to control every situation. That includes deck choices, situation reading and mental fortitude, to name a few. We will also discuss theorycrafting and strategy, since I expect that you fly on your own and reach your goals constantly by yourself. My aim is to teach you how to fish, not giving you fish.

After some time, we will play some games again to see your progression and receive some further coaching on what you are doing correctly or not.

List of Achievements

  • Analyst for League of Legends and Hearthstone
  • Hearthstone Caster and Specialist Writer
  • Former Day of Defeat Professional Player
  • Former Hearthstone Professional Player
  • Current Coach and Team Manager for Giants Gaming
  • More than 5 years coaching Esports and Traditional Sports
  • Big Magic: The Gathering trajectory
  • HearthTaunt Team Tournament

You can find my YouTube and Twitch channels below (both in Spanish!): - YouTube: - Twitch:

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