““[Spanish/English]Hearthstone Pro player, add me on skype : Lhigtingtopo for more info.””

I am Alfonso Barcelona Cabeza, AKA Ponso in Hearthstone and Lhigtingtopo in World Of Warcraft.

I am a profesional Hearthstone for PAM esports and Magic The Gathering Player.


I've been playing TCG during the last 10 years. I also played World Of Warcraft PVP in the highest levels and make videos about it. My years of experience both in TCG and ESports makes me a competitive player and a person able to share my knowledge and strategies.


Last season ladder position: Top 30º Europe.


I can speak Spanish and Enlgish.

I can also coach Magic the gathering.


You can contact me on:

Skype: Lhigtingtopo





Typical Lesson Plan

1.- Tell me your concerns about the game, your goals and what do you want to learn and I will make a personalized plan for you. I can show you how to become a good ladder player and how to archive legend, or just how to improve your gameplay or Improve your arena skills. One of the most importants things for me in hearthstone is the deck building so I can teach you how to being able to build your own decks to fight the current meta, make the right choices for tournaments and ladder.


2.- I will use Skype, Twitch and the propper Hearthstone Chat and Spectator mode to give a full coaching experience to my students in order to make them improve correctly.


3.- If you just want one specific kind of help, for example a coaching in one specific deck, just tell me.



- Deck Review tweaks if needed

- Break down of the current meta how to use this to your advantage

- Risk/Reward plays

- Most optimal play per turn

- Deck construction, class strategy and card evaluation

- Mistakes to evade in deck construction, finding refined decklists and adjusting them to your current rank's metagame.

- Basic card game concepts like tempo, card advantage and synergy.

- Analysis of your mistakes.

- Answering any other questions.

List of Achievements

  • Top 10 legend and top50 legend on several seasons.
  • OGS Ragnaros Team League 1º
  • Meltdown Valencia FiresideGathering
  • Legend all seasons.
  • A lot of tournament experience in Hearthstone with tournaments played like two DreamHacks, Gamepolis, FiresideGathering and a bunch of online qualifiers.
  • Caster in Dreamhack Valencia 2014
  • Magic The gathering Pro tour player.
  • World of Warcraft Arena Tournament Competitor

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