Student FAQ


eGG-one school is an automated platform for booking online coaching lessons (on Skype or other VoIP software).

We specialize in video game lessons: we bring together the best players wishing to share their passion and debutant players wishing to make progress.

For some time now, we have been offering lessons in other areas!
We are aimed at all those that wish to make progress in mastering their video game. There is no minimum level required.

Whether you're a complete novice or experienced gamer, there is always something to learn and a coach there to teach you! The only thing you need is the desire to make progress in your chosen area so why wait any longer?
It's very simple! It's totally free to register and create an account on eGG-one school. All you need is a valid email address.

You are welcome to contact us in order to send us your feedback, recommendations, commercial offers or notify us of a technical problem.

In order to apply to be a coach, follow the guide!

Introduction to taking lessons

One-to-one lessons are the best way to make progress, get unstuck, or learn how to better understand your game in order to get the most out of it. In the same way as the lessons are personalized, the coaches can adapt to your level. Anybody can take a lesson so don't hesitate!
eGG-one school gives you the tools to choose the coach that best fits your needs. Use the search criteria to find coaches with a matching specialty, browse their profiles and recent reviews to narrow down your selection. Don't hesitate to contact them to make sure you're choosing the right coach for you. Then you can book one of their available time slots using the calendar, pay online via a 100% secure platform and enjoy your lesson!
Anybody, whatever your level there is always something that can be learned. That's the advantage of one-to-one tuition, the coach can adapt to your needs and give you personalized advice.

A very large majority of our students are satisfied and come back for more coaching lessons so why not give it a try?
You can write your expectations for your coach on your My lessons page. On the day of the lesson, be ready in front of your PC or console with the tools you need (Skype, up-to-date game) and why not a little notepad so you don't miss any of the lesson!
The lesson is conducted with both the coach and student at home, connected through Skype or another VoIP software. It starts at the time specified in the eGG-one school booking system. The coach is then free to give their lesson as they see fit. On every coach's profile you will find a section “Typical lesson plan” indicates each coach's individual teaching style.
All you need is a microphone and Voip software, preferably Skype, and you can take an eGG-one school lesson on any subject you like!
We will immediately send then a message with details of the lesson booking including your Skype name, your expectations and the time and date of the lesson. Another email will be sent 24 hours before the lesson is due to start. Coaches are aware that we use email to communicate with them. In addition, a booking is displayed in blue on their calendar and on their dashboard.

Experience tells us that your coach would be very unlikely to miss a lesson :)

Searching for a coach

Use our search page. The criteria are displayed on the left of the page. Our team has programmed an intelligent and optimized algorithm in order to place the best coaches at the top of the list (greatest customer retention, the highest scoring, the most active, etc.)
A fast and effective way of knowing the specialist area of a coach is to look at the breadcrumbs next to the site logo! Practical!
In addition to this, the coach's specialist area is indicated by the tags they have chosen for their profile.
If the coach teaches in several languages, the hour counter doesn't group the time together. We distinguish between the hours taught in French and those taught in English for example.

In any case, it is easy to know the total number of hours a coach has taught :)
Look at the bottom of your coach's profile page. Everything is there! It is obligatory to have taken a lesson before being able to leave feedback. Under no pretext will eGG-one school moderate feedback left. You can trust the feedback 100% when selecting a coach.
Yes, you just have to click on the Send a message button on their profile. Make them aware of your expectations before booking via our calendar!


We select coaches according to their level and motivation for coaching. The most hard-working are the most deserving here at eGG-one school!
When you buy an hour of coaching on eGG-one school, 15% of what you pay goes to eGG-one school and the other 85% to the coach. We invest part of the money in maintaining and improving the quality of the eGG-one school platform.

Message exchange

eGG-one school has put in place private messages so that you can communicate with all of the other coaches and students via the website. You are informed by email every time you receive a private message. In order to write to another site member, click on the Send a message button on their profile.

Why not check your messages to see if you have any new messages!
You can contact us via admin messages if a problem arises, to give feedback, make recommendations or any other request.

We are open to all suggestions!
To send a private message to another coach or even a student, you will need to go to the profile of the person you wish to contact and click on "Send a message" en haut à droite de son profil. at the top right hand side of their profile. You can then find your conversations in "Messages".
You can write a message to eGG-one school admin via the "Admin messages" tab or by email([email protected]).

Don't hesitate!

Booking a lesson

To book a lesson, the coach of your choice must have selected when they are available on their calendar. The white sections indicate when they are unavailable. The green sections indicate the hours that you can book. Click on these sections to enter the booking process. The blue sections indicate the time slots that have already been taken!
Once booked, an email is sent to the coach and a second email will be sent 24 hours before the lesson is due to begin. The lesson also appears on the teacher's calendar as well as on their dashboard.
Once you have booked your lesson, it will appear on your My Lessons page. Click on the magnifying glass to view the lesson details as well as the Skype user-name for your coach.

Lesson sequence

Do not panic ! In the case where your coach is absent at the time of your date (which doesn’t happen often), you have to contest the lesson in your rubric My lessons.

The automated litigation system will deal with it and will propose you to cancel the reservation or to replace the lesson (with the same or another coach), or to be refunded and also cancel the contestation if the coach eventually arrives.

You dispose 72 hours to contest! Note that the only valid reason to contest is the absence of the coach.
Yes it is possible to postpone a lesson. You either arrange with your coach an alternative date or contest the lesson and request an exchange token. You would then be able to book another lesson at your leisure.
Yes, absolutely! If the coach was absent, you can dispute the lesson in your My lessons page. The automated dispute system will allow you to either be reimbursed or to get a gift token for a new lesson. Practical!


The payment system is entirely secure. At the moment. you can pay with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.
There are no extra fees.
Unfortunately it isn't possible to pay over several installments :(
Of course, you just need to change the currency. Look for the button on the bottom left of the website!

Promotional packs

Buying a promotional pack is the equivalent of buying several 1 hour tokens. You can use them to book lessons when you want on the calendar of your chosen coach. You end up paying less per hour's lesson than you would normally do when using promotional packs!

Attention, these tokens are only valid for 1 year.
All you have to do is click on the coach's calendar. Then, at the payment stage, enter the code on your token. The lesson is booked!

Gift tokens

It's very easy, you just chose your friend's coach and click “Offer a lesson” on their profile. You will receive a token valid for 1 year for a 1 hour coaching lesson with that coach.
All you have to do is click on the coach's calendar. Then at the payment stage, enter the code on your token. The lesson is booked!