Coach FAQ


eGG-one school is an automated platform for booking online coaching lessons (on Skype or other VoIP software).

We specialize in video game lessons: we bring together the best players wishing to share their passion and debutant players wishing to make progress.

For some time now, we have been offering lessons in other areas!
We are aimed at all those that wish to make progress in mastering their video game. There is no minimum level required.

Whether you're a complete novice or experienced gamer, there is always something to learn and a coach there to teach you! The only thing you need is the desire to make progress in your chosen area so why wait any longer?
It's very simple! It's totally free to register and create an account on eGG-one school. All you need is a valid email address.

You are welcome to contact us in order to send us your feedback, recommendations, commercial offers or notify us of a technical problem.

In order to apply to be a coach, follow the guide!


You will find your profile by clicking on your name located in the top navigation menu bar then by clicking on My profiles. If you wish to modify it, click on Edit.

If you are a coach in several different domains and/or languages, you will have several profiles.
You can change your pseudonym whenever you like. All you have top do is go to My account, and click on modify. You will them be able to change your pseudonym. Don't forget to save your changes!
VYou can change your profile picture whenever you like. To do so, all you need to do is simply to go to My account. You can then change your photo and adjust your avatar.

If you are a coach in several different domains and/or languages, you will have several profiles. If this is the case, you will only have one photo so choose wisely!
Click on My profiles then on Edit and finally on the Description tab. It is possible to use HTML tags in your description so help yourself!

This description is, along with your photo your first contact with your future students. Be convincing and be yourself!
Click on My profiles then on Edit and finally on the Videos tab. You will then be able to add a video and arrange them in whatever order you like.

Add videos of yourself in action in order to make your students want to take a lesson with you!
Click on My profiles then on Edit and finally on the List of achievements tab. You will then be able to add a line in your list of achievements and reorder them.

Display the trophies that you have won after your long battle wins!

Introduction to coach's activity

Giving lessons is a means of valuing your passion, expertise and making money from what you're good at. Giving lessons on eGG-one school gives you all the tools needed to succeed in this activity!

To find out more, check out the eGG-one school coaches' rights and responsibilities page.
eGG-one school places at your disposition a profile page where you can promote yourself, a calendar where you can state when you are available, an automatic payment management system, and allows your students to give you a score and review. In exchange, eGG-one school takes 15% of transactions carried out on the website.

All you have to think about are your coaching lessons!
eGG-one school takes 15% of the transactions carried out on the website. The entire remaining 85% goes to the coach.

Keep in mind that the eGG-one school team invests in marketing to increase the platform's popularity, pays a payment system provider to ensure payment security and has to finance the website's development :)
In order to apply to become a coach, follow this guide!

You can change your prices whenever you like. To do so, click on My profiles then on Edit. You will have the possibility of setting a price in both Euros and Dollars..

Be careful not to change your prices too often as you may lose students...
In order to make another shoutout, click on My profiles then on Edit. Next, change your Status.

Shoutouts allow you to make an announcement to your students.. Shoutouts appear in your page's thumbnail in the coach search and on your profile so add a touch of humor to it!
eGG-one school offers all coaches the chance to create promotional packs of 5 or 10 hours. When a student buys a pack, they buy 5 or 10 one-hour gift tokens all in one go which can be used to book a lesson. You can set whatever price you like for your packs, but we suggest you set a price that works out lower than your normal hourly rate. In effect, you are giving your student a financial incentive to book several lessons at once. Commission on packs is the same as it is for normal coaching lessons.

You will be notified when a pack has been sold. Don't forget to add when you are available on your calendar so that your students can use these hours :)

To add to or modify your packs, click on My profiles then on Edit.
In your dashboard section, you will find your upcoming lessons as well as those already completed. To do this, go to your My Lessons page.

You can also zoom on on each lesson by clicking on the corresponding magnifying glass, you will find the students' expectations as well as their Skype details.
In your calendar you will find 24 time slots per day for the next 4 days. You can see the following day by clicking on the arrow on the top right of the calendar.

Click on a section of the calendar to add when you are available at that time. You can also set recurring availability on the My calendar page. Note that it is also possible to add available time slots from your own profile. Practical!
There are three sections in the Manage finances page.

The "My history" section is a list of the lessons you have given with their status (completed, upcoming, contested, paid or unpaid), the money you have earned from each lesson and the corresponding invoice.
The "My lessons awaiting payment" section summarizes all the lessons you have yet to be paid for. Click on the “Pay me” button to see the money transferred to your account!
The "My payments" section summarizes all the payments you have already received.
You will have undoubtedly noticed the little animal accompanying you all throughout your eGG-one school adventure! Click on your piggy bank top update it. It will give you the total amount of money you have earned and what we have yet to pay you.
It is possible to coach several domains and languages.Create a profile in each domain/language in which you would like to coach and make an application for each profile.

Attention, the calendar is common to all of your profiles! Obviously, you can't give two lessons at once ;)

Message exchange

eGG-one school has put in place private messages so that you can communicate with all of the other coaches and students via the website. You are informed by email every time you receive a private message. In order to write to another site member, click on the Send a message button on their profile.

Why not check your messages to see if you have any new messages!
You can contact us via admin messages if a problem arises, to give feedback, make recommendations or any other request.

We are open to all suggestions!
To send a private message to another coach or even a student, you will need to go to the profile of the person you wish to contact and click on "Send a message" en haut à droite de son profil. at the top right hand side of their profile. You can then find your conversations in "Messages".
You can write a message to eGG-one school admin via the "Admin messages" tab or by email([email protected]).

Don't hesitate!


In order for a student to book a lesson with you, you must have some available time slots open on your calendar.
Once a coaching lesson has been booked, you will be immediately notified by email. This message will give you the student's Skype details, their expectations and, of course, the date and time of the lesson.

In addition, you will receive one last reminder by email shortly before the lesson is due to begin. It would be a shame to miss it!
Consult your My lessons page and click on the magnifying glass for that lesson. Note the lesson's start time, the student's expectations and their Skype details. All that remains for you to do is to prepare your coaching lesson as well as you can so that your student is satisfied!


You can be paid either through your Paypalaccount or via bank transfer. Indicate your payment preferences in My account.
Then, to release the payment, click on the "Pay me" button in the"Manage finances" section. The payment will take a couple of days to complete, be slightly patient :)
A pay coaches the some equaling 85% of the rate displayed. We take 15% commission on transactions carried out on our website. You will find all details on the "Manage finances".
You can find this section either through the "Manage finances" section, or by clicking on the piggy bank (it follows you everywhere!)

Modification, cancellation, dispute

It is possible to postpone a lesson if you and your student agree to it. In this case, the procedure is for the student to contest the lesson in their dashboard, request an exchange token and then book a new lesson time on your calendar.

In short, you don't need to do anything!
It is impossible to cancel a lesson that a student has booked with you. The available time slots that you select on your calendar are a commitment on your part to be present at the lesson start time.
Contact the student as quickly as possible to explain yourself and deal with the situation. If the student has contested the lesson, they will have the choice of either canceling the dispute, requesting a token to book with you, requesting an exchange token for another coach or claiming a refund.
We strongly advise you to contact the student and give them a lesson on another agreed date! Client satisfaction is our priority and looks good on you too!
Send us a message via "Admin messages" if you would no longer like to be a coach.

But don't forget, once an eGG-one school coach, always an eGG-one school coach! So feel free to come back whenever you like :)
Our team have devised an automated system for solving disputes. When a student contests a coaching lesson, a message is sent to them asking them if they would like to cancel the dispute, request an exchange (either with the same coach or another) or claim a refund.
Equally, you will be sent a message so that we can find out more about what happened.

Please be aware that the only valid motive for a student to contest a lesson is the absence of the coach.

Search results

Our developers have devised an intelligent algorithm optimized in ranking coaches in search results.
Even though the way in which we have coded our coach ranking algorithm remains a secret, criteria such as student loyalty, the number of coaching lessons sold over both long and short term, the time slots available, student scores, your connections with the website and many other things are all taken into account!


This ranking, which evolves in real time, determines the best of coaching's hopeful at the moment in each of the subject areas on eGG-one school. The calculation behind this ranking takes into account the lessons booked, lessons given, student satisfaction and short-term punctuality. The Hot Award of the week is awarded every Sunday at midnight!

Go to our dedicated awards page !
The three eGG-clubs currently in existence are “The 50 Club”, “The 100 Club” and “The 500 Club”. The three eGG-clubs currently in existence are.

Go to our dedicated awards page !