The events

Increase the possibilities of your calendar


What is it?

An event is a occasional coaching session which can be created freely by any eGG-one school coach. It is defined by:

  • A date and time
  • A duration
  • A number of participants (from 1 to 100)
  • A price for each participant (min. 7$)
Once created, the event appears in your calendar.


What’s the point?

Events open new possibilities to better manage your coaching activity.
You can use them:

  • To create group coaching sessions.
    Let’s say two of your students want to have a coaching session together. Usually, your price is 20$ per hour. You can for example create an event with two participants and a price of 15$ for each participant. This would be cheaper for your students and more rewarding for you as a coach. Then you only have to send the access code to your students and they can book directly on your calendar.
  • To modify your price on special occasions.
    Let’s say one of your faithful students asks for a special price (15$ instead of your usual 20$ for example). You create an event with one participant and a price for each participant of 15$. You then transmit the access code to your student. Nobody other then him will have access to the details of this event and your special promotion won’t have any bad consequence for your business.


How does it work?

The magic happens in your calendar.
Click on the “Create an event” tab then fill in all necessary informations.
Then you can communicate the access code with the interrested students.
They can now book the session directly in your calendar, just like a regular coaching session, and the event will appear with all its details in your “My lessons” section, just like any other usual coaching session.