“Proffesional CSGO player”

Hello to you my friend, i'm David Miljanic proffesional player from Serbia and i'm 26 years old. I finished faculty of sports and physical education and i'm basketball coach too. Started to play cs when i was 11, so i really love the game since i'm playing it still. I helped alot of friends to learn how to play cs and they get good at it, even my gf is Legendary eagle master now and she never played cs before :)

Played for Squared eSports, last team was Bajini Puleni, playing FPLC/Balkan Pro League/MakeMyBet

Has alot of xp and can learn you alot of stuff - basics, intermediate and pro stuffs aswell ofc.

My hltv profile:

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Typical Lesson Plan

After we start we talk a bit about your game level/knowledge and we start to work on it.

For basics - Let's take MIRAGE for example - i explain you how map works.

Then we start as CT side: some basic positioning and opening of rounds at every part of the map, if you go B,MID or A site(you can choose which one you want to learn more then just basics) and usage of utility.

Afterwords we start as T side: basic usage of utility(smokes,flashes,molotovs), i learn you how to get into site and play postplant situations with good positioning.

After we go into all of it, for the next lesson we are going to watch some of your demos and we go through it together.


For intermediate - Let's take MIRAGE for example again. 

We are going to focus on crosshair placement at the start, some prefire checking all around map(when u getting into site or going into retake)

I'll show you some good pushes as CT and T opening rounds that can make difference with the best spawns you get into round.

We will work on your movement and intermediate usage of utility(for every part of the map, take kills while you flash the guy in the right timeings etc.)

After we go into all of it, for the next lesson we are going to watch some of your demos and we go through it together.


List of Achievements

  • ESL Major League Winter 2017
  • Vip Adria League Season 1 Finals
  • CSadria Clan Championship
  • Belgrade Open #2
  • Adria Master Season 2

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