“Professional player from Serbia #TOP2000 WORLD”

"Want to learn how to be better in this game i can help you out"


If you book a lesson, make sure to write to me on twitter (@RemaCSGO) or steam and leave a comment (id/remast) because i dont get notifications when lesson is booked, hopefully you understand, cheers!

Rank: Global Elite, Faceit: 3100Elo (Average K/D Ratio 1.36)

Hey, im Marko also known as Rema.

I have very high knowledge about cs since i am working as an analyst for 3 years now and have more than 1000+ demos watched!
Working with me will bring you to better level you just need to be patient and do what i tell you!

My faceit profile ( , )

I can help you with basically everything you want to work on not depending on the level you are at! I helped a lot of my friends get the higher ranks in cs! We can also play couple of matches so you can watch what i do right or wrong and i will give live commentary to you about that one!


Cheers and hopefully we can work on your progress of becoming a better player!

Typical Lesson Plan

I can teach you a lot about the mechanics in the game, map awareness, game sense, etc. I can work on parts you think are keeping you down and why you cant perform to make sure you overcome those obstacles and move on with your gaming career.

Lessons might include: 

  • how to play clutch situations (1vx)
  • off angles,
  • communication,
  • set executes,
  • utility usage,
  • crosshair placement, etc.


List of Achievements

  • BB Invitational (Regional Lan)
  • Balkan SuperCup - eSpirits
  • Balkan TubeFest 2017 Lan Finals

I dont stream often, but im usually on one of the friends on stream, ill make sure to give link to my students if i have a chance!

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