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What is a coaching area?

The coaching area is a tool allowing you to display the coaches of your choice on your site.
The experts in the domains you have chosen will be happy to serve your community.
The coaching area can be inserted anywhere on any website or blog that supports iframes.

The advantages of the coaching area in 3 points:

  • 1) Add interaction to your community - coaching is a dynamic means of exchange between enthusiasts
  • 2) Value your collaborators - Players, casters, and editors will be delighted to delighted to be put forward on your website as coaches
  • 3) Offer dynamic content - New coaches, new prices, new availabilities; it's always changing on eGG-one school

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Go further with the API

To take things further, we have developed a complete API for eGG-one school which will allow you:
  • 1) to personalize your coaching area even further,
  • 2) to import the complete profiles of our coaches and their availability,
  • 3) to integrate the entire booking process on your website,
  • 4) as well as numerous other possibilities to be discovered...
Attention, integrating our API on your website requires a solid technical understanding.

To access our API:
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Examples partners

Numerous partners have already integrated our API on their website.
Professional teams, news websites, community sites, our coaches' personal websites...
Everyone, in their own right, has been part of the coaching development. Thanks to them! displays the available CS:GO coaches

Thanks to the eGG-one school API, integrated a coaching box on its website which allows its readers to see at a glance which CS:GO coachers are avaialble" already covered the news subjects dear to CS:GO gaming enthusiasts: transfers, results, coverage, interviews and now coaching too. puts its coaching players to the front is the website of the team sponsored by the well-known I.T. vendor LDLC. The team puts the players who are also coaches on eGG-one school to the front.

Progresser sur League of Legends displays our available League of Legends coaches

With the eGG-one school API, the website displays 12 of our best League of Legends coaches in order to go even further in the improving. Also discover its English equivalent.

SonG students book through their personal website

SonG, one of the first SC2 coaches, has a personal website which brings together all of their news: VoD, articles, streams.

SonG integrated the eGG-one school API in a coaching tab on their website. Their profile, their availability, their reviews, everything is displayed on their website! You can even book a coaching lesson directly from that page.

There are many others:
Be the next site to adopt coaching!