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What is eGG-one school

In the world of competitive gaming, or eSports, being advised from the best players has been a reality for quite some years now. Since the end of 2011, eGG-one school has decided to propose coaches from every eSports game on the same fully automated platform. For students, the platform provides the easiest way to book a lesson with the most suited coach. For coaches, a fully automated payment and reservation system has been developed (calendar, Paypal or credit card securized payment, dispute management...).

Why we founded eGG-one school

eGG-one has been active in eSports since 2010. The team of 4 old time friends, passionate with eSports, was first known for the organisation and casting of SC2 and LoL french tournaments, such as the eGG-one Starleague and the LDLC Nashor Trophy, featuring players like MoMaN, ToD, Stephano for SC2 and YellowStar, Hyrqbot or Narkuss for LoL. Spending time with the french top players, eGG-one team discovered the need for a platform to organize and manage eSports coaching. Within three months, the first version of the eGG-one school website was online, and the first hour of coaching was sold.

Video bonuses

Also working as video maker, eGG-one school produced an internationally well-known eSport tournament video called Starcraft Starleague.

To celebrate the launch of the international version of eGG-one school:


eGG-one school : Dates and milestones

  • 1st November 2011 - Launch of the school.egg-one.com website. We started with only StarcraftII for the french community on the platform
  • 2nd November 2011 - First coaching lesson given via eGG-one school: TuZeR coaches Gudei.
  • 16th November 2011 - The EOS company is officially created.
  • 1st December 2011 - End of the beta phase: eGG-one school is completely operational. 100 lessons were given in the first month.
  • 11th February 2012 - First eOS event: a day of coaching with Wolf, MoMaN and TuZeR at the LDLC shop in Paris.
  • 26th May 2012 - First eOS event for the League of Legends: another coaching day, heralding the arrival of Riot to the platform.
  • 7th June 2012 - League Of Legends is officially launched on our coaching service! First coaches: Jothy, Yellow, HyrqBot and Najik.
  • 13th December 2012 - Next came the turn of DotA2 and CS:GO to arrive on eGG-one school!
  • 15th April 2013 - Opening of the ShootMania and Street Fighter 4 sections !
  • 9th August 2013 - The new version of eGG-one school showed up : new design, multilingual website, full localisation settings. All coaches for all video games are now welcomed!