Zoo-0-Mech Gaint Top16 Legend deck

Last update:August 18, 2022


Hello guys,

Since I had success with the 1st version of this deck but still wasn’t happy with it since sometimes you had a pretty rough start, if you did not get the coin. I adjusted the deck and I can say it’s been preforming as a god.

Warlock Cards

Flame Imp × 2 Minion 1 3 2
Power Overwhelming × 1 Ability 1 0 0
Imp-losion × 2 Ability 4 0 0

Neutral Cards

Abusive Sergeant × 2 Minion 1 2 1
Clockwork Gnome × 2 Minion 1 2 1
Cogmaster × 2 Minion 1 1 2
Annoy-o-Tron × 2 Minion 2 1 2
Dire Wolf Alpha × 2 Minion 2 2 2
Echoing Ooze × 2 Minion 2 1 2
Haunted Creeper × 2 Minion 2 1 2
Knife Juggler × 2 Minion 2 3 2
Mechwarper × 2 Minion 2 2 3
Harvest Golem × 2 Minion 3 2 3
Tinkertown Technician × 1 Minion 3 3 3
Enhance-o Mechano × 2 Minion 4 3 2
Sea Giant × 2 Minion 10 8 8

I think this is the best Zoo deck out there it has so much synergy with all the cards.
Let me talk about the cards and explain the thought process

This deck is all about getting board and keep it until you have enough minons on the board to summon Enhance-o Mechano or Sea Gaint these cards are  absolute  godlike in zoo.
The best stat you can get is Windfury, the Windfury + Power Overwhelming is so much value you can clear board or you can go for game most of the times you can get game with it.

Imp-losion may seem as a strange pick but this cards works so well with all your cards(Knife Juggler,Enhance-o Mechano,Dire Wolf Alpha,Sea Giant and evenPower Overwhelming)
But you must use Power overwhelming as a last resort.
The Imps you get of the cards are really usefull to keep a board and to deal with his taunts like Beltcher.
just imagen youself getting 4 minons and next turn you can Enhance-o Mechano 4 divinshields:O ?or a few taunts to keep your other minons save.

Abusive Sergeant is just a rlly solid card always have and always will in zoo but in the new zoo its even beter! just give windfury +2 atk that's 4 more dmg!
or give your stupid imps/spiders/slime +2 to deal with the minons.

And we didnt even look at the mech part yet here its get intresting.
Annoy-o-Tron it says it already in its name it really annoying to deal with this minons since it needs two actions to clear it so it stays most of the time more then 1 turn on the field.
But the most important card to get mech out on the field isMechwarper you can just get so much value from this with all your mechs cost 1 less, even Enhance o Mechano is a mech
So its only 5 mana to get it on the field and you probly already have minons on the field. and lets not forget Clockwork Gnome is a free drop!
Harvest Golem is a mech that stay pretty long on the board because of its deathreadle and if you can get this for 2 mana that's just insane

Tinkertown Technician is a beter drop for this deck then Dark iron dwarf or argus if you have a mech on the field what happens most of the time you get a 4/4 for 3 mana!
And that is not all you also get a spare parts you can get alot of Spare parts with this deck and they help pretty well you can even give your Echoing Ooze a spar part and you get it 1 for free on the other Ooze

Lets talk about Sea Giant its not hard to get him out, also there are a few things you need to know if you have a 1 drop in your hand you can also play that before Sea Giant since it gets cheaper for every minon and sometimes you can even trade a Haunted Creeper to get a extra minon so you can summon theSea Giant. you make sure his minon doesnt die of the attack since if hes minion dies and your minion dies aswell it will stay the same.


There are so much ways you can mulligan for you should try to get Flame Imp andCogmaster these are the best 1 drops if you go first but you need to make sure you have a follow up for Cogmaster the best follow up is Annoy-o-Tron if you get this out you can pretty much always do 6 dmg on the face since they have a hard time clearing the Annoy-o-Tron .

Sometimes if you go second its better to keep Haunted creeper or Echoning Ooze, you want to deal with there 1 drops if it’s a leper gnome or undertaker orClockwork Gnome you can deal with it pretty easy if you have a Abusive Sergeant or even a Dire Wolf Alpha.

How ever if you have a Mechwarper its good to have since you can get faster minons out then your oppent and its a 2-3 so if you got this one with cogmaster i would keep the mechwarper and also theClockwork Gnome is free so if you get 2nd you just coin outMechwarper and drop a free Clockwork Gnome

sometimes you can even keep the Sea Gaint in your hand I find him really good against paladin since they like to use Muster for Battle so your gaint is then already -3 and you should not have trouble getting it out against paladin, Haunted Creeper and Echoing Ooze are really good and with a gaint with it you will have it in no time on the board


Sometimes you can get a few spareparts they work pretty good in this deck there are alot of combo's

Armor Plating

The armor plating can help you trade well with other aggro decks and if you need it you can use it to play around Holy Nova or Explosive Trap which can be very important.

Emergency Coolant
There is notning much to say about this sparepart its pretty nice to use it on a minion to set something up for next turn.

Finicky Cloakfield
Who doesn't like a minion in stealth, you can dodge cards like FrostboltShadow Madness or even keep you minion a extra turn alive like a  Knife Juggler so next turn you might get a good Imp-losion

Reversing Switch
This is one of my favorite spare parts, you can go so many ways with this like, change a Sludge Belcher to 5-3 and just trade or change yourFlame Imp Mechwarper atk to dodge Explosive Trap or Holy Nova.
And this cards also works with abusive sarget,direwolf and get some free stats.

Rusty Horn

This card can help you to protect your minons like dire wolf, Knife Juggler. and if i want to stall you can just use this i find this card to work the best on Echoing Ooze since you get a free part and double taunt!

Time Rewinder
Ah this card can realy be a game changer, you didnt get any windfurries? no problem lets just get him(Enhance-o Mechano) and try again.
Need more dmg on a minionlets just use Abusive Sergeant twice! if you have a wind furry and you can get twice the abusive sergeant on it that a extra 8dmg!

Whirling Blades
Almost nothing to say about the card just give 1 atk to something.

Edit from 1st version
-1Tinkertown Technician
-1Power Overwhelming
+2Sea Giant


Play minons buff minons atk face windfurry powerover wheliming atk for game GG

If you like to see me play some games http://www.twitch.tv/yurka1337 follow me and see when i go live


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